Pope Francis admits to suffering from ‘mild bronchitis’

Pope Francis has once again confirmed that he is suffering from “mild bronchitis” after being unable to complete a speech in preparation for a reception for a group of correspondents from France.

“I would like to read the whole speech, but I have a problem, a little bit of bronchitis,” said the pope, who had delivered his scheduled address to two audiences before meeting with reporters.

Recall that 87-year-old Jorge Bergoglio suffered from an acute lung infection in November, causing him to cancel his planned trip to Dubai to attend the COP28 climate summit. However, recently, the Vatican announced that the health condition of the top leader of the Catholic Church is improving.

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Pope Francis was meeting participants of the “Ecclesiastical University” seminar when he had to interrupt his welcome address because he was unable to speak.

In addition, Francisco had a partial ablation of a lung when he was younger and has other problems with his knees, hips and colon.

Finally, Pope Francis has revealed that he wants to be buried in Rome’s Santa Maria Basilica, not the Vatican.

«The place is ready. I want to be buried in Santa Maria Mayor,” the pope revealed in an interview with the media.


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