Pope Francis confirms he has bronchitis and again asks for his speech to be read

Given the impossibility of power Reading his speech during a coughing fit at a Vatican event, he pope francisco He promises this Saturday are experiencing bronchitis.

87-year-old Argentinian Pope Had a mild flu and attended last wednesday Go to a hospital in Rome for follow-up tests.

This Saturday, he was unable to complete his message and delegated that responsibility to an aide, as he did on Friday.

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“Thank you everyone. I have prepared a speech, but I can’t read because of bronchitisAccording to the agency, “Francis made the announcement at the beginning of the Judicial Year of the Holy See. AFP.

Although he had to pause and delegate daily activities last weekend, the Pope scheduled a meeting Meeting with German Head of Government Olaf Scholzthe same Saturday.

supreme pope have A a range of health problems In recent years, especially in knee, buttocks and colonwhich forces him to move in a wheelchair,

In addition, he also underwent abdominal surgeries for bronchitis in June and December. Had to cancel trip to Dubai for COP28is an annual climate event organized by the United Nations.

It is worth remembering that during his childhood in his native Argentina, Francisco they removed part of the lungwhich can cause some difficulty breathing.

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