Pope Francis holds public audience in Vatican and goes to hospital for flu check-up

he pope francisco On Wednesday, he held a public audience and read out the appeal but not the catechism, which he handed over to a collaborator. “I still have a bit of a cold,” he previously commented. go to hospital Departure from Rome for medical examination The flu has been affecting him for a few days.

“After the General Audience, Pope Francis went to the Gemelli Isola Tiberina Hospital to receive some medical treatment. diagnostic tests. He then returned to the Vatican,” the Vatican confirmed.

Francis arrived at the center in his usual vehicle and returned to the Vatican less than an hour later.

During another bout with bronchitis, the pope went to receive a computed tomography (CT) scan at Tiber Island Hospital, a branch of the Gemelli Polyclinic where the pope works.

Previously, he held a public audience in the Paul VI Hall (instead of St. Peter’s Square) and announced that he still had influenza but no fever. While he didn’t read the Catechism, he did want to read the audience’s final appeal for himself.

He also did not read out a previous speech before the bishops of the Patriarchal Church of Silesia in Armenia, after apologizing for his ongoing flu. The text was handed over to those present.

In his final appeal, Francis read his speech aloud. He asked for “prayer for the victims of recent attacks on places of worship in Burkina Faso.” He also explained that he was praying for the people of Haiti, where “crime and kidnapping by armed gangs continue.”

The Pope loudly stated that March 1 will mark the 25th anniversary of the mine ban, lamenting that “years after the end of hostilities, the mine ban continues to attack innocent civilians, especially children.”

The vehicle carrying the pope leaves the hospital.Photo: EFEThe vehicle carrying the pope leaves the hospital.Photo: EFE

The Argentine pope expressed his sympathy for the victims of these devices, which “remind us of the brutality of war and the price paid by civilians”.

after Clear throat brieflythanked “all those who contributed to helping the victims and cleaning up the contaminated areas” because “their work is a concrete response to the universal call to be architects of peace and to care for our brothers and sisters.”

At the beginning of the public interview, he said: “I still have a bit of a cold, that’s why I asked Bishop Ciampanelli to read the catechism”. Francis devotes today’s catechesis to envy and vanity.

The pope’s address, read by a co-author, noted that “the face of the envious is always sad” and said his “mind is clouded with evil thoughts. Envy, if left unchecked, can lead to hatred of others .”

Regarding vanity, the Pope writes that it goes hand in hand with the demon of envy, two vices typical of those who desire to be the center of the world, to freely exploit everything, and to be everyone the object of all praise and love. .. Vanity is an inflated, unfounded self-esteem. “

Concerned about Francisco’s health

There is some concern in the Vatican about the pope’s continued respiratory illness.

The Argentinian pope had to cancel an audience due to a “slight flu” on Friday after returning from spiritual Lenten activities.

He also did not hold an audience as planned on Saturday, but on Sunday he walked to the window of his third-floor study at the Apostolic Palace to celebrate the Angelus and deliver his message to the crowds gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

It was announced on Monday that health concerns were ongoing, so all hearings for the day were canceled. There was no hearing or official information Tuesday.

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