Pope interrupts speech due to bronchitis

Pope Francis won’t be able to finish his speech this Friday, he complains “A bit of bronchitis” Speaking before a group of French religious communication experts at the Vatican.

The 87-year-old Pope suffered an acute lung infection in November last year, which led to his death Cancel plans to travel to Dubai to attend the COP28 climate summit and forced his aides to read his speeches for weeks.

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Pope Francis was meeting with participants of a “Ecclesiastical University” seminar organized by the French Anglican Communion when he had to interrupt his welcome address.

“I want to read the whole speech, but there’s a problem, I have a little bit of bronchitis,” he said hoarsely.

The Pope had already given other remarks earlier today, Meetings with young professionals and committees to promote relations between the Catholic ChurchesOrthodoxy and the East.

If you don’t mind, I’ll give you the speech. excuse me. I would give it to all of you, but I have a lot of difficulty speaking,” Pope Francis said.

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In subsequent promises, Francis didn’t read his speech To Members of the Catholic Scientific Institutions, They received written noticethe Vatican said.

According to information from Reuters.

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