Pope’s health improves, pneumonia ruled out

Israel.- (Veracruz Vanguard).- In light of the war situation in the Middle East, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that more people in Gaza may die from the spread of infectious diseases than from the war.

The World Health Organization is concerned that the spread of infectious diseases can be extremely disruptive for the frail, especially children.

WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris stressed: “If the minimum health needs for survival are not met again, we will start to see more people die from disease than from explosions.”

The situation occurred after the start of a five-day truce in the Gaza Strip, and the WHO quickly assessed the situation in the area.

In response, the organization explained that the main issues that need to be addressed beyond the bombings are the lack of food, water and sanitation services.

In this context, the World Health Organization is extremely concerned about possible cases of diarrhea and respiratory illness, as in children, death can occur within hours if not treated.

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