Popocatepetl’s exhalation causes CDMX ash to fall

Popocatepetl’s exhalation causes ash to fall in CDMX

The Mexico City Secretariat for Integrated Risk Management and Civil Protection (SGIRPC) announced on its social networks that on Sunday, September 3, the volcanic ash is expected to fall in some cities of the Mexican capital.

According to the agency, the impact will be felt primarily on the city’s northwest border, where People are advised to avoid outdoor activities because the ash may cause respiratory damage.

The alert, announced by SGIRPC, follows the release of a Popocatépetl Volcano Watch report that “ash emissions have been reported; expected to move in a northwesterly direction, affecting Mexico City.

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The agency also made it clear that the Sunday is expected to be partly cloudy to partly cloudy; heavy to punctual rain with electrical activity and possible hail in the afternoon and evening.

Ember drop suggestion.

According to Mexican authorities, the ash consists of rocks, minerals and fragments of volcanic glass, They are produced during volcanic eruptions, are abrasive, insoluble in water, may contain volcanic gases, and have a sulfurous smell.

Some are the size of sand, while others can be as fine as talcum powder. Although it does not pose a serious danger to humans, Exposure to volcanic ash can cause adverse health effects; one of the most common is upper respiratory irritation with sore throat and dry cough.

People with pre-existing respiratory illnesses may develop severe bronchitis symptoms that persist for several days after exposure; Respiratory irritation occurs in people with asthma or bronchitis and difficulty breathing. In addition, animals such as cattle can be poisoned and even die from ingesting vegetation contaminated by volcanic ash, which also poses a danger to other species.

avoid doing Outdoor sports.

protect your eyes Nose and mouth (if you need to go outside).

Close doors and windows.

Plug the crack with a damp rag and vents to limit the entry of ash into homes and buildings.

shake off ashes Use a feather duster to avoid scratching the surface.

Cover tanks and other sediments to keep them from contamination.

Covers appliances, equipment and In order to prevent the car from deteriorating or scratching.

Avoid driving cars as the ash will reduce visibility The slippery roads are back.

recommend Avoid girls and boys who have been exposed to volcanic ash, as well as the elderly and people with respiratory illnesses.

If you have pets, keep an eye on them The water and food they consume is not contaminated.

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