Post Malone fans throw a huge Cristiano Ronaldo ‘Siuuu’ event at Foro Sol

Post Malone in Mexico City This is their only speech, even the rain can not stop the fans gathered at the scene sun forum first witness Austin Richard Post He set foot on the soil of Mexico.

Everyone in the room can’t wait for the show to be a part of him I would cry if you weren’t herewhose size is CDMX.It’s a show with good vibes, fireworks and live bands, fans Post Malone They had an incredible night.

Aleman is in charge of warming up the engine and working with “Welcome Post Malone to Mexican soil” He made everyone in Sun Plaza go crazy.But when the place really rocked, it was a fan who managed to chanted “Yes” In the true style of Al-Nassr soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

The moment when Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Siuuu” filled the Plaza del Sol

“Siuuu” is heard throughout Foro Sol

Before the start of the concert, the atmosphere was very enthusiastic. The Concert Center in Mexico City looked for followers of Post Malone to cheer for him. A young man was inspired and led the fans to carry out a special celebration. CR7.

He has tried a few things before, even before there were people in the stands, so this fan was already going to make a “Siuuu” in the style of international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, when the video we show you was recorded , that is when the chorus of thousands from Foro Sol, clear and piercing, celebrates the festivities in unison, as the impetus before the concert begins.

This video was posted on TikTok by user @pako_h2WHO Paco Hernandez Whoever kindly shared their recordings became part of this massive celebration that has gone viral and been talked about everywhere on social networks.

How was Cristiano’s signature celebration born?

Cristiano Ronaldo Immortalized by one of football’s most iconic celebrations, it’s the vertical leap, and as he leaps, he simultaneously opens his hands and shouts: “Yes”. This celebration was born 10 years ago and here we unravel the history for you.

that was when he put on the team jersey real Madrid August 7, 2013, when he did it for the first time, we didn’t know that day, the celebration of the spontaneous birth, today the most imitated in sports.

ten years after he screamed intrauterine system The first time, he did it 479 more times Cristiano Ronaldo with uniform Real Madrid, Portugal, Manchester United, Juventus with him now Al Nasr.

The historical striker of the national team scored 362 goals in 2017-2017 Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Portugalthat number has now more than doubled and holds multiple records and boasts the most famous cry in football.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals since the birth of SIU

Cristiano Ronaldo Since August 7, 2013, he has scored 249 goals real Madrid101 with Juventus85 with Portugal27 with Manchester United and 17 with Al Nasrhe is currently at the club in Saudi Arabia.

the day he was born intrauterine system it was in a preseason game real Madrid he faced Chelsea On American soil with the Merengue team, then by Jose Mourinhowinning 3-1.

celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo He’s made such a mark on his career that the fans have become so enthralled that now everyone sings the song the moment he scores a goal and the stadium echoes with chants like, Hundreds of players imitated him when scoring goals. .

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