Prato remains in Group D. Match against the Titans returns

Tuscan, Lombard, Emilian. Prato will still be in Group D of the Serie D with 18 teams, but compared to last season they will also find some new members at the start. Slightly changed, in fact, the composition of the group of the newly released National Amateur League compared to last year. Together with Prato, Fanfulla, San Giuliano City, Sant’Angelo, Borgo San Donnino, Carpi, Corticella, Forli, Imolese, Lentigione, Mezzolara, Progresso, Ravenna, Sammaurese, Victor San Marino will come on the starting benches in the group. 2023–2024 season: Aglianese, Certaldo and Pistoiese Obviously, in anticipation of the official calendars, the derby with Pistoiese immediately catches the eye, which is of course not a novelty and, moreover, will also be a delicious aperitif for the opening of the season, the day after tomorrow, in the Coppa Italia match scheduled in Pistoia, since the first official blue and white.

There are many other old acquaintances in the group: the Allianese cousins, the Emilia battery consisting of Carpi, Corticella, Forli, Lentigione, Mezzolara, Progresso, Ravenna, Sant’Angelo and Sammaurese, with the only newcomers being Imolese, just relegated from Serie C, and from the Parma district of Borgo San Donnino, recently promoted by Excellence. In addition, there is a charming new face introduced by Victor San Marino, born in 2021 from the ashes and resurrecting the glory of old San Marino. The return of the test with the Titans will surely bring back nostalgic memories to the memory of old fans. Not forgetting some Lombards who are no strangers to the wool proponents, such as Fanfulla, and others who are unknown, such as San Giuliano City, the representative of San Giuliano Milanese in the Milan metropolitan city and just relegated from Serie C. There are no formations from the sea among the Tuscans, but there is Certaldo, who arrived in Serie D, despite finishing seventh in last year’s Eccellenza, thanks to a great run in the Coppa Italia, given that the other three finalists (San Marzano, Cast Brescia and Campobasso) won their championships. Returning for a moment to the Coppa Italia match between Prato and Pistoiese, which is scheduled for the day after tomorrow at 17:00 at the Melanie Stadium in Pistoia, residents of the province of Prato are allowed to purchase tickets only and exclusively in the away sector until 19:00. Tomorrow. Tickets are personalized and can be purchased at or at the Lizzo Sandro tobacco shop, in Via della Lastruccia 15.


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