Prime Video has an Oscar-winning movie, a gangster movie that you should definitely see at least once in your life.

If you want to watch tonight oscar movie and you love me gangster movies, you definitely need to follow our suggestion. On Amazon Prime Video There is award winning film who received four awards Oscar. It’s about Departed – good and evil and signed by the master of world cinema.

at the Prime Video The Departed Movie Oscars

Prime Video movie Oscar

Departed – good and evil it is considered a real masterpiece of world cinema. It’s inspired film by Andrew Lau and Alan Mack hellish deedsand is led by Martin Scorsese. This is definitely a movie worth watching at least once in your life.

throw flawless and consists of Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg and Vera Farmiga. This gangster movie takes place in Boston and tells the story of Irish boss Frank Costello, who infiltrates his man into the police, not knowing, however, that the police have the same ideas as him.

According to the plot, they follow each other chase, betrayal, revengeidentity exchange. All is not as it seems, and behind the unsuspecting friend may be a criminal who only cares about his own interests.

Plot of the film Renegades

TO Boston The Massachusetts Police Department has declared war on organized crime with the intention of undermining the empire of the powerful. mob boss Frank Costello works from within. So the young cop Billy Costigan he is chosen to infiltrate a gang led by Costello. And while Billy works to earn his boss’s trust, another young cop, also raised on the streets of South Boston, Colin Sullivan, he makes his way to the police.

With a position on the Special Investigation Team, Colin was chosen to take down the Costello gang. But what the police don’t know is what’s really he is also an infiltratorworks for Costello and keeps the boss up to date on all police activities.

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