Professor Historian Dr. Hakki Uyar warns after 98 years: “We are in the process of evolving from nation to nation”

November 30, 1925 marks the 98th anniversary of the issuance of “Law No. 677 Concerning the Closure of Dervish Lodges, Assemblies and Shrines and the Prohibition of Shrines and Certain Titles.” Where it arrived in Türkiye after 98 years Professor Historian Dr. Hakki Uyar, Cumhuriyet TVTell.

“It was a dream to move from mother to nation.”

Oyar said in his explanation of the system intended by Law No. 677: “Those who founded the republic dreamed of moving from nation to nation. In other words, they aimed to create a religious nation, to move that society from a medieval society into the twentieth century, and to create a modern secular state. Secular policies are an important building block for this. Although the years of national struggle bore the characteristics of the War of Independence, we see the struggle of the clergy participating in the struggle for independence. “Some clergy are still referred to in Türkiye today.” He said.

“Those who founded the republic removed those who trafficked in religion.”

Oyar said, expressing the point of view of those who founded the republic on religion: “We will see lodges and corners closing in 24-25 years. This actually coincides with the years in which the Declaration promoted the modernizing leadership that we call Kemalist leadership. Because if you control the clergy and the religious opposition, you can more easily carry out revolutions and prevent the emergence of religious opposition. Those who founded the republic had no problem with religion. The founders of the Republic liquidated the clergy, sects, and institutional structures that served as mediators and mediators between religion and society. “Those who founded the republic had no problem with religious people, but religiosity eliminated those who traded in religion and the intermediary institution.” He made a statement.

“There is a return to the policy of creating the nation.”

Explaining the point Türkiye has reached, Uyar said: “In contrast to the idea of ​​creating a secular, secular national society, there is a reversal in the policy of nation creation. Ataturk ensured the transition from nation to nation, and in Turkey today, we are facing a reverse development from nation to nation. This started sometime after 1945. At this point today, it must be seen that sects deeply influence the life of the state. When we look at religious structures from the point of view of the imperialists, we find that they incite the sects against the struggle for independence. “In this way, they can become a tool for foreign powers to ensure the national power of countries, and on the other hand, they erode your national identity.” He concluded his speech by saying:

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