Progress: Experts predict virus winter in Málaga will be similar to pre-pandemic

this World Health Organization (World Health Organization) The global health crisis caused by the coronavirus ended three months ago.So everything shows The epidemic has passed.So the expert’s prediction is Respiratory viruses in next cold season will be similar to previous ones coronavirus. Only Sars-Cov2 as another pathogen.

“Coronavirus has also joined the ranks of bacterial clusters, with coronavirus likely to become another respiratory virus next winter, as it did before the pandemic,” the agency said. José Luis Velasco, Director of the Pulmonary Department of the Clinical Hospital. COVID-19 cases are expected to be generally mild, continuing the trend of recent months.

In summary, the epidemiology of respiratory viruses Return to its channel. During the pandemic, these pathogens were completely destroyed. Not just because of the emergence of COVID-19, but also because of changes in other respiratory pathogens that are spreading in spring and summer, even during times of the year that are less common. But everything indicates that the latter will return in autumn and winter as the epidemiological panorama normalizes.

“We had COVID cases in July and August, but they weren’t serious, and We haven’t seen influenza or respiratory syncytial virus. (VRS). COVID-19 persists year-round, but other respiratory viruses return during the cold season. ” Velasco added.

The doctor, whose hospital in Andalusia has been most affected by the epidemic and has treated the most COVID-19 patients, pointed out, 34 patients hospitalized Pulmonology mid-week, Only two people had pneumonia caused by the coronavirus.

“At the moment, COVID-19 is not a problem because there are not many cases, they are controllable and they are not very virulent,” he explained. The key is a high level of immunization of the population – because 83% of Malaga residents vaccinated– and the pathogen is not as virulent as it was in 2020 and 2021.

While expectations for the fall and winter are the same as before, from an epidemiological perspective, the range of bacterial severity will depend on its virulence and vaccination percentage.this influenzaFor example, it may be common, but for older or vulnerable people, it can be serious or even fatal if they are not vaccinated.

For this reason, Velasco has always called for vaccination and “not forgetting the lessons learned.”In other words, there should be no doubt put on a mask So as not to infect or become infected in the right space and time.

Therefore I recommend to everyone immunosuppressed patients “Stay vigilant to avoid getting infected” and People with respiratory symptoms Use masks to avoid infecting susceptible people. Even when the pandemic is over, you shouldn’t feel ridiculous for wearing a mask, he said. He added: “It’s not ridiculous, it’s responsible. If I have a cough or a runny nose and I’m going to be in contact with susceptible people, I should wear a mask. Previously this responsibility was mandatory, now it must be voluntary. “

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