Promessa preview, Spanish episodes: three new characters appear that will make the soap shake

Three new characters are ready to animate the next episodes of La Promessa, as Spanish previews of the soap opera tell us. The public is showing great curiosity, paying more and more attention to the events surrounding this magnificent Spanish soap opera. And intriguing news comes from Spain. However, let’s take a closer look at the new characters that will bring this product to life.

The first character will be Martina. a girl we’ve actually heard of even though we’ve never seen her before. This is Leonora’s cousin, to whom the latter has been writing letters for a long time and with whom she certainly has a great connection. This girl will arrive at the estate without saying anything and causing panic, especially among her uncle Don Alonso. It turns out that this is his brother’s daughter, with whom he has not had a relationship for some time. Kurro will immediately lose his head because of her. However, Martina does not seem to be entirely sincere, which creates great discomfort in the group.

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Preview of La Promessa, two other newcomers

The second newcomer to La Promessa will be Gregorio, who will cause Don Romulo great difficulties. The new butler hired by Don Alonso will turn out to be obedient. The climate that will be created will indeed be very tense.

The third character is Lorenzo, Curro’s father. Don Lorenzo De La Mata will create big problems for his son and sons-in-law. Without remorse and affection, he can create significant problems for Evgenia. Moreover, he will not show affection to his son, who will be very upset about what actually happened. However, to see these new features we will have to wait a little longer in Italy, since we are a little behind Spain compared to Spain.

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