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The skin of smokers needs different care, but there is none. even last year New York Times said that “smoke is back,” after U.S. cigarette sales rose in 2021 for the first time in two decades. In Italy, according to the latest reports and the latest data, the number of smokers has increased significantly, against the backdrop of a decrease in those who have decided to give up this bad habit. ISS (Superior Institute of Health) has collected data according to which 1 Italian out of 4 smokesstabilizing the overall percentage of smokers at 24% of the total population.

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The return of smokers.

What happened to the so-called this girlgirl all yoga, matcha tea, personal care and skin care, who made health a stronghold of fashion? At the moment it is still received, but in danger of disappearing behind a cloud of smoke in every sense. We don’t know if the pandemic (which always has something to do with it) or the millennial nostalgia for past decades has something to do with this increase in smoking, but everyone sees celebrities smoking, for example. in real life, as well as much more on the screen, yes Jenna Ortega To Kylie Jenner AND Anya Taylor Joy to Jocelyn Lily Rose Depp V Idol AND Carrie Bradshaw V And just like that who returns to this habit after various sentimental ups and downs, seasons Sex in the city and two films.

Sarah Jessica Parker in a still from the movie And just like that

Smoking, stress, is bad for you: Harmful to lungs, mouth and skin. The best thing to do if you are addicted to cigarettes is Do not smoke. But if you are still not successful, there are a few things you can do to minimize skin exposure to nicotinecontinuously exposed to the heat of cigarettes and damaged by chemicals in the smoke.

What happens to the skin when you smoke and cosmetics

What Really Happens When You Smoke? Smoking narrows the capillaries, reduces the number of red blood cells and this causes a decrease in oxygen supply.. Skin is dull fades and loses shine. In addition, “Smokers’ skin has early signs of aging, hyperpigmentation and a greyish, opaque complexion, enlarged pores, and in many cases even imperfections such as pimples and bulges are more frequent. Free radicals damage the collagen, elastin and hyaluronic fibers of the skin,” she explains. Anna Lisa Gramellini, biologist and cosmetologist, CEO of the World of Beauty brand.

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