Pulisic jealous of Messi?His message to the celebrities who will see him at the stadium

reference us national team, Christian Pulisic, talked about the impact Lionel Messi In his country’s league, he sent a message to celebrities who went to the stadium to watch him play, so people started saying he sent it because he was jealous.

since the world champion came here MLSClearly, ticket sales have grown exponentially, with venues sold out for several games, but it’s not just the fans who are happy about their merger, but the actress, actor, singer, athlete and others in the middle of the show.

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he Prince Harry, Selena Gomez, Tom Holland, Leonardo DiCaprio, Owen Wilson, LeBron James, The Kardashians and Will Ferrell These are just some of the famous people who attended the conferences he attended confusionso even the league brags about it.

Pulisic signed with AC Milan for the 2023/2024 season. Instagram @cmpulisic

Pulisic’s news on social media

After gathering so many stars Los Angeles FC vs Inter Miami last weekend, MLS Sharing a photo of all those in attendance on his Instagram account, boasting of the greats’ presence, video the fact is Pulisic He took this opportunity to make his position known.

“Let them (celebrities) know that they are also invited to watch the US national team,” the AC Milan striker wrote in the video, which he uploaded to his Instagram Story, along with a laughing Emoticons.

Christian Pulisic The message was that they not only went to see Messi, Well, it’s rare to see when there’s a FIFA date or a Stars and Stripes friendly celebrities in the stands Although they represent their own country, the tone is “sarcasm” or “mocking” He wants them to see those games from now on too.

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