Pulisic rounds up celebrities who went to see Messi

successful walk Lionel Messi and international miami sparked a strong reaction from fans USAbut also attracted the attention of those who had nothing to do with the sport.

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Just last Sunday, September 3rd, in their game los angeles football clubfrom Mexico carlos candleand the club Floridasome celebrities can be seen in the stands, such as Selena Gomez, Tom Holland, Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Ferrell and LeBron James.

This is not a coincidence, but a result of the “expansion bomb”.flea“In his short but successful walk”heron“.

But not everyone likes this social phenomenon, which can be called “Messimania“. At least until Christian Pulisic He didn’t like it at all.

nickname”captain america” applause said celebrity Watching the Argentine team, however, ironically, he also extended an ardent invitation to them on his social networks.

“Let them (celebrities) know that they’re also invited to compete in the Olympics us national team’, the striker wrote AC Milanaccompanied by a laughing emoji.

After the above remarks, many media criticized his remarks. Fox Sports and brandFor example, they thought the 24-year-old footballer was “jealous” Messi.

Pulisic Focus on the United States representative, who in this regard fifa date will face Uzbekistan September 9th in St. Louis Oman Sept. 12 in Minnesota.

In both engagements, born Hershey, Pennsylvaniayou will have the opportunity to see if your harsh message is having an impact on people american celebrityor if they give you a reason that they will only see Messiwhether for fashion or curiosity.

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