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Velma Roldan, Considered Colombia’s best referee in recent years and renowned abroad, he remains a trend in international football.In Saudi Arabia, he again refereed a match for his own team Cristiano Ronaldo from Antioquia was the target of a vicious attack by the Portuguese star, but he did not end up expelling him.

In recent days, in the classic match between Medellín Independiente and Atlético Nacional, Roldan was ejected in a rigorous and authoritative manner As Di Maior noted in his report in his sanctions announcement, Doran Papon was punished for “using offensive, rude or obscene language toward match officials.”

However, in the game against Cristiano, Roldan did not have enough courage to give him a red card, which is why he was criticized on social networks.

Ronaldo’s Al Nasr lost 0-1 and in the 73rd minute the Colombian ruled the Portuguese’s goal invalid for offside, which is why from that moment the Pasa referee began to feel uncomfortable.

Something serious happened later when Ronaldo used his hand to suggest that the referee had been bribed during the Arab Classic match between Al Nasr and Al Hilal, In the end, they defeated the latter 3-0.

“Today (Friday) the match was played in the Arabian Peninsula and the referee was Colombian Vilma Roldan. The scary thing is Star Ronaldo made a finger (buy) gesture to the referee and did not send the Portuguese off. His behavior was crazy, he lacked pants and authority,” retired referee Wilmer Barahona said on his X account (formerly Twitter).

Mexico World Cup referee Marco Antonio “Chiquimarco” Rodriguez wrote in “X”: “Cristiano Ronaldo crossed the line against Wilma Roldan and There was no punishment.”

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