Questions of the coup from the Republican People’s Party to Hakan Fidan

The Foreign Ministry’s budget proposal for 2024 is being discussed in the Planning and Budget Committee of the GNAT with the participation of Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan. Malatya CHP Deputy Vali Agbaba said in the committee the following:

“Did you come or did Mr. Erdogan not let you in?”

*Mr. Minister, you were an agent of the Turkish Intelligence Service in the bloody coup attempt that occurred on July 15, and in this context I would like to ask some questions: You did not attend the investigation committee into the July 15 coup. Did you not attend the investigation committee into the July 15 coup? The committee or did Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan not allow you to go? The committee has asked you written questions about the coup, and you have answered them in writing.

*Now a question is asked: How did you not receive information about the coup? The question asked: Binali Yildirim, then prime minister, said: “We learned that the coup attempt began about fifteen minutes later.

*From whom did we learn? “We learned this from our close guards, our compatriots, our spouses and our friends,” he said. Mr. President said: I learned about the coup from my brother-in-law. What really disturbs us is that such an established institution does not receive any intelligence about the coup.

* In the report sent by the Turkish Intelligence Service to the Committee, it is stated that the Turkish Intelligence Undersecretary reported the attack, and another section is as follows: In the memorandum that the Turkish Intelligence Service had previously shared with external authorities, it was stated that FETÖ/PYD had attempted coup. Since the Prime Minister and the President said, “We have no information,” I would like to ask you where the external authorities are located.

“Who arrested Adil Oksuz, who released him?”

*Also, what do you think of Adil Oksuz, who is perhaps the most important name of the coup after Fethullah Gulen? Adil Oksuz, as you know, is a well-known person in Turkey, and he is a person included in your reports. Before the coup in Ankara, the comprehensive indictment of Adil Oksuz…

*It says “before the coup.” This comprehensive indictment, dated June 6, 2016, a month and a half before the coup, is a 1,200-page indictment, in exactly 800 pages it is claimed and written that Öksüz is the head of the Air Force.

* For God’s sake, I mean, let me love your eyes… This man is an assistant professor in Sakarya. He rented a villa in Ankara for six months; He meets with generals and soldiers, plans a coup, takes publications, sends faxes, sends letters, and this man even goes to the United States and receives instructions from Fethullah Gulen; For God’s sake, how do you not realize this?

*I wonder what MIT was doing? And then, you know, this has been mentioned a lot, let me ask this as well, have you been listening to the CHP?

* There is no one who does not know Adil Oksuz. “I think you know Adil Oksuz better because at that time you had cooperation with the Gülen organization. We don’t know him, but you should know him, and the AKP deputies should know him too.

* For God’s sake, is there a logical answer to these questions? We are impatiently awaiting the answer to Adel Oksuz’s question: who protected them, who protected them, who arrested them, who released them.

“Two days before the coup…”

* Once again, it is said in the ground aviation indictment that the Chief of the General Staff, Mr. Hulusi Akar, and the Undersecretary of the Turkish Intelligence Ministry, Mr. Hakan Fidan, had a secret conversation at the swearing-in ceremony of the Special Forces Command, a day or two later. Before the coup. I wonder what you talked about? I wonder if there has been any talk of a coup, or if it has occurred to you to talk about a coup.

* Mossad is said to be the most advanced and powerful intelligence organization in the world. I ask you this out of curiosity: How did you get into Hamas? You know better, you know these things better than we do. It’s incomprehensible, and I wonder how Hamas got there.

*There is another issue, as you know, the conflict between Feto and the Justice and Development Party began with the leaking of the Oslo talks, or rather, this conflict came to light with the meeting of Turkish intelligence with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party in Oslo.

*Correct decision, Mr. Prime Minister supported you and did not refer you to court. Well, after this, and especially after December 17-25, there are generals and pashas who have settled in the upper echelons of the army, so how were the people who ordered the bombing of this parliament and the people who slaughtered people on the Bosphorus Bridge appointed? I also wonder if you have no intelligence or if you have opened a path.

*Now, there is no one in the Turkish Armed Forces who does not know that important figures in the Fethullah gang, such as Mehmet Partiguğ and Mehmet Deşli, are from Fethullah.

*I was a member of the prison committee of the Republican People’s Party, and I swear that even the leaders we went to said they were supporters of Fathallah. It was said: They liquidated us, they liquidated these national officers, and they are replacing them.

* There is even an issue that the issue of Mehmet Deshli’s retirement was on the table in the Supreme Military Council before the coup attempt, and that the state prevented that. This man later became the private secretary of the Chief of General Staff.

*Is there anything to be said about this? I also wonder whether anyone was punished for their rise to these positions, or whether those who referred to them or helped them to ascend were punished.

“We have turned Türkiye into a refugee warehouse”

* Mr. President or then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “We will go and pray on Friday.” You have intelligence, why did you go astray? Otherwise, you know, Mr. President will either say, “He cheated us,” or “He cheated us,” or he blames others. For God’s sake, I want to ask how we will perform Friday prayers in Syria.

*Look, Turkey also played a big role in Turkey’s situation. At that time, we warned them and said, “If we pour gasoline on the fire of our neighbors, that fire will spread to us.” And that fire spread to us, and we are faced with a problem that we cannot solve for 100 years: the refugee issue, the immigration issue. Unfortunately, the wrong policies were and continue to be applied here as well.

*On the one hand, our borders are wide open in Van and so on, but our borders with Europe are closed. People from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria don’t come to stay here, why do they come? He’s coming to go to Europe.

*We closed our borders, what did we do to get a few cents from Europe? We have literally turned Türkiye into a refugee warehouse.

* What did you say about Sweden? How can we trust Sweden? We cannot say “yes.” We will show our loudest response to those who burn the Qur’an. I said: “The doors are closed to Sweden, and from now on it will not even be welcomed,” and then I sent the document regarding Sweden’s accession to NATO to the Turkish Grand National Assembly. I wonder why, I don’t know.

“They go almost every week and ask for money.”

*And now, one more thing: “They are dishonorable.” “They financed July 15.” Who was shouting these people? It was you. Who is this country? The United Arab Emirates. so what happened? After we put a headline on this “disgraceful”, whom we call “the financier of the Fathallah organization” and who we claim had a hand in the blood of our 251 martyrs, we received them with turquoise carpets and hosted a meal in their honor.

*We have become in a situation where we send ambassadors. Now, thanks to a country they call “dishonest”, Mr. Cevdet Yilmaz and Mr. Mehmet Simsek go and ask for money almost every week.

*And now we said that when this coup happened, we condemned the coup: Let us condemn the coup strongly, let us condemn it loudly, but let us not sever the relationship between Egypt and Turkey. Turkey should not end its diplomatic relations with Egypt, as this will cost us. Did this come at any cost? It happened; It happened in the Mediterranean, it happened in exports, it happened in many areas.

*We criticize Israel’s inhumane actions very harshly, but our country’s duty is not only to criticize; He prevented this massacre, this great massacre; Unfortunately, we were not able to go far in this regard.

*This Israeli angel again… You know, at some point we were challenging Netanyahu and saying: We will not let him in again; The next thing we knew we were hugging each other, and the next thing we knew we were sending an ambassador back.

*Syria left Turkey facing a problem that we could not solve for 100 years. Unfortunately, the open border gate policy that Turkey followed played a major role in escalating that war and escalating the civil war.

* Wherever there were murderous jihadist terrorists, they would go to Syria across the borders that we left open and fought in Syria. Now we are the repository of refugees in Europe, and this should make us all proud, especially the political parties that do not leave nationalism to anyone should focus seriously on this refugee issue.

“We in Malatya have experience in this matter.”

*There is a visa problem, Mr. Minister. You have not been able to solve this visa problem. I have a suggestion: We in Malatya have experience in this regard. We have Yesilyurt Municipality, it issues gray passports and service passports; They leave without needing a visa, but they do not return.

* Evaluate this problem yourself; There is a way to kidnap people with gray passports, and there is a VIP way to kidnap people. Thank you, that mayor gave us the “Mayor of the Year” award last year. Is he right? I swear he’s right.

*Is there any mayor or politician in the world who is thinking about this matter? I congratulate you and the AKP group on this.

“We are still waiting for it to be resolved.”

*This visa issue… students are the victims and businessmen are the victims. In 2013, Mr. Erdogan said: “This problem will be solved in 3-3.5 years,” and we are still waiting for it to be solved. They sent refugees to Turkey by promising us visas, saying, “Don’t send them to us, we will give you visa freedom,” but unfortunately, there are still big problems regarding visas.

*Unfortunately, Germany did not grant entry visas to 48,000 of our citizens last year, France to 15,000 of our citizens, and Greece to 16,000 of our citizens.

“Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights are not currently recognised”

*Erdogan has applied to the European Court of Human Rights in the past. Erdogan condemned Türkiye by the European Court of Human Rights; With this decision, he received compensation of 10,000 euros, and Turkey was also burdened with 15,000 euros in court costs.

*Unfortunately, the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights are not currently recognised. According to the announced data, 26.9 percent of applications submitted to the European Court of Human Rights in 2022 came from Turkey. There are exactly 20,015 cases pending in court.

*This should be our shame, unfortunately even the Constitutional Court cannot catch up. The court’s decision to say “we do not recognize the decisions of the Constitutional Court” after the European Court of Human Rights decision regarding Can Atalay is an attempted coup. This will affect our politics and our economy, I want to say this.

* The most basic standards of the European Union are judicial independence and legal security, and I would like to say that unless this is achieved, the European Union is a dream for Turkey. Türkiye must certainly return to its goals in the European Union. (aa)

release date: 21:03, 20 November 2023

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