Rada Serbedzija tells an anecdote about Charlize Theron: I adored my wife

RADE Sherbedzhia will come with his Holywood entrepreneur. It’s the same as Charlize Theron adoring the bride. Naime, Theron and I are friends every time we make Mighty Joe Young.

“Climbed je code us heaps. I myself have specially made diapers for different things, the code for me is dvorishtu. They had a very good courtyard and a great bunch, after a hundred people knew about going to my mother’s party. radio film, She loves my life very much, this is my truth.

I live in Hollywood, I live in New Zealand and she seems to be very kind. “You need to know what concerns Vatru. I’ll see that you’re not electronic,” and you’re not. I’ll predict your cholesterol levels, please.

Susret with Al Pachin is the most unsold

Sherbedzhia is the salvation of many Holywood stars, and Ala Pasina is famous and awarded Venice for several days. Come up with one joke about Njim. Naime, jednog dana 1997. Godine Rade je surfao na dasci, no jedan val ga je preokrenuo i udario je glavom o dno.

“Je Bio Strashanu Udarak, Barely Sam Isplivao, Ali Nisamu Mogao Wopche Digniti Desnu Ruku. Hitno on me Answer them at Bolniku I, Kad Sam Zavrshio Sa Swima prayer and Izashao iz Chekama nalaze, ušao je al pacino s Dvojicom. pola sata.

It’s the same story: I press the button and Pacino takes the next step. Indeed, if you notice the face of lice, and I will seem to us ‘sjećaš li me se’ and he kže ‘ne’. I know from the word “good” that I can start by enjoying the primitive views of Venice…

On the other hand, the next day, on the other hand, the next day there will be a glitch at the festival. I am my film about Venice. Of course, if you want you to drink, gape and berth. I tell him something and he takes it away from the vice and says: ‘What?’ I want you to do it if you want,” this is Rade.

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