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Every Friday at Radar, Music highlights the week’s top artists and the latest music you need to feature.


It’s a huge day of new music for Purple sneakers readers, with Spotify And Apple Music both complement their flagship playlists with fresh hip-hop and EDM releases. Spotify’s New Musical Friday distribution heads Troye Sivan‘s one of your girls (main track from his third album, Something to give each otheralso released today), immediately followed by AIEU – joint efforts between PNAU And Empire of the sun (both projects Nick Littlemore‘s), and the latter’s first new single in about four years.

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These are the only two songs to reach Apple’s top ten. New music daily playlist, where they appear at numbers 2 and 6 respectively. The Apple playlist tops Compensate‘s WORTH IT (cooperation with Don Toliver), and blink-182 closes the top three. FELL IN LOVE (Spotify, on the other hand, posted Southside say it To 1 day in this place). The group’s latest tracks also made it into Apple’s top ten. Lord Apex And Freddie Gibbs (Phoenix), YOGA And Jimi Queen (Interstellar), Teen Joan (clamps), Aidan Fine (Angelwith Lucretius), Taylor Moss (Guitar and suitcase) And PNI (David Byrne).

Spotify also highlighted a country song, making it into our top ten with need a woman To Chris Stapleton. The big green streamer also praised Fred again… And Jozzy (With lieutenant), Janaba (UGH), Skepta (I can’t play by myselftribute Amy Winehouse), Connor Price And Oliver Cronin (Ruby), And Yumi Zuma (OK).


Across the board (ATB), no new songs were added. NOVA Network this week, but Zach Bryanexcerpt from the album of the same name I remember evrything (With Kacey Musgraves) still got into the daily rotation. Kenya Grace‘s Strangers got into the mix Smallzy’s surgerytoo Save up To Doll House was regularly featured in the nightly video.

Meanwhile on Hit Network, Doja Cat‘s Paint the town red was added to the national disc slot, and two songs were added to the night slot: American city To Ed Sheeran And adore you Fred again… and Obongjayar. In addition, five new songs were added to the nightly rotation: Save up from Doll House, Trust me buddy To Dean Lewis, Lucky To Weave Maidza (With Lolo Zuay And Amber Mark), Afterglow To Sam Fisher And Hopeless To Or (with Indiana Massara).

A further five songs were added by ATB at Sydney’s. KIIS 1065Wish To Calvin Harris And Sam Smith, American city Ed Sheeran, The best place To *NSINHR And Justin Timberlake, Lil Boo Thang To Paul RussellAnd Greedy To Tate McRae – while Dean Lewis Trust me buddy reached the night rotation.

This week’s Triple J Art Album goes to Young Jesus and the Genie Teaseswith tracks from their debut album, I love youwhich rotates regularly throughout the week. Drake also showed some love for tracks from his eighth album, For all dogshitting the airwaves as this week’s top album.

Meanwhile, six of Js ATB’s eight additions came from Australian artists – Save up from Doll House, Not your fault To FELIVAND, Don’t let him say goodbye To JACOTIN, Recovery To Molly Millington, Fried rice To Royal OtisAnd Sometimes (my brain doesn’t work) To Gloomy Hills And Between you and me – with a rounded wave Brent Fayyaz‘s Wyoming @ and Kenya Grace Strangers.

As for the commercials of the national youth television company, only one was from an international artist – HOT! from the US side Chappell Roan – while the other four were Australians: Lalaland To 1300, A SIP To SODA BOY, Give me a little more To Midnight Cosmo (with Shungudzo) And Nomadic To Jemzel.

The Radio Monitor Hot 50 chart topped the Radio Monitor chart again this week. Taylor Swift‘s Cruel Summerfollowed by number 2 Weekend‘s Popular (with Playboy Carti And Madonna). Miley Cyrus again in the top three with Used to be young, however, completing the trio, moving up from sixth place last week. Places No. 4 and No. 5 also swapped places, respectively, they were occupied in this week’s chart Olivia Rodrigo (With a vampire) And Dua Lipa (Dance the night).

Further down the list on this week’s chart we see only one new entry (SZA‘s Take a nap in #41) and one return (Hold me closer To Elton John and Miley Cyrus at number 47).


In addition to new tracks from Chris Stapleton and Taylor Moss, Spotify and Apple Music have caught Sto’s attention.rm like melatest tune from the Central Coast Little quirks. Spotify’s New Musical Friday the playlist also features new songs from Adam Newling (Difference opinion) and Caitlin Harnett and the Pony Boys (Lil Ripper), while Apple New music daily functions Riley Green (My last rodeo), Jon Pardi And Luke Bryan (Cowboys and plowmen), Restless Road (You don’t have to love me), And Tebey (Where do I want to be).

Looking at this week’s Countrytown Hot 50 chart, the No. 1 spot is falling again Travis Collins And Wolf Brothers with their irrepressible hit Runnin’ The Country, but the rest of the top five got a welcome shake-up: Laney Wilson And Morgan Wallen both jumped two positions – from Watermelon Sunshine in No. 2 and Everything I love at No. 3, respectively – for now Casey Barnes‘fell from third to fourth place with his single Never give up on a good time. And finally, Ed Sheeran returned to #5 with his Luke Combs-accompanied reduction Life goes on.

There are four new entries in this week’s chart: All these parts To Andrew Swift at No. 30, winding To Amy Sheppard at No. 31, Then right now To Tyler Hubbard in No. 38 and We go To Brian Martin in No. 45. Right below the last inclusion we see both of our repeat entries: Date To Kita Alexander (with Morgan Evans) at #46, and Dancing in the village Tyler Hubbard in #47.

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