Rafael clarifies how he fell into rumors of health issues

The alarm about a possible deterioration in Rafael’s health has been raised again after Rafael announced that his health may be deteriorating. He suspended several concerts due to constipation complicating This has already led to his cancellation of his appointment at the Jerez de la Frontera stage on July 29. ‚ÄúDear public, I visited my ENT again this morning. After some exploration, the diagnosis concluded: Inflammation of the upper airway caused by a cold I’ve been procrastinating since last week,” he said in a statement.

Concerns about the health of Raphael, who had just turned 80, quickly became widespread among the public, but the artist had just been seen looking wary in the middle of the street, and he himself wanted to clarify how he was. “Everything is fine,” he commented.thus sending a reassuring message to his fans and followers.

Raphael, the first photo after the cancellation of the last concert
Raphael, the first photo after the cancellation of the last concerteuropean news agency

The singer is looking forward to being at the foot of the canyon again and taking to the stage with the energy he has always been so distinctive: “My greatest wish at this time is to recover as soon as possible and to return to the stage. Hope to see you all in the next concert Someone who is still on tour. I take this opportunity to thank you for the countless supports you have received these days. I have read all about you and I will always remember you.

liver transplant

One of the most serious health problems that Rafael had to deal with was the cirrhosis of his liver due to the hepatitis B which he had, which almost took his life. “I don’t want to have a transplant.I finally had toBecause otherwise he would die. The day of surgery was a matter of life and death, either the liver arrived or life was impossible. Oddly enough, it was Rocio Jurado who told me she wasn’t well and now she’s not with us,” she recalled in “My House Is Yours.”

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