Rafael Nadal eyeing a comeback in 2024, Serena Williams’ former coach asks a pertinent question as the Spaniard enters his twilight years

Rafael Nadal will return to professional tennis next year. The Spaniard missed this year’s tour due to a serious injury. Despite announcing his return next season, many are still wondering how the “King of Clay” will fare. Serena Williams’ former coach Patrick Mouratoglou recently shared his thoughts on the King of Clay’s potential 2024 season.

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While many are wondering which match will be Nadal’s last, the Spaniard has already shared his dream. For his part, he could bid farewell to tennis at the 2024 Olympics, partnering with the current Spanish number one.

Rafael Nadal is back, according to Serena Williams’ former coach


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Rafa’s goal is to return to the regular season in the 2024 season. The former ATP world number one has been out since January and has yet to recover enough to compete on this year’s tour again. But he told his fans he would be back next year for one last hurray. Now, many are wondering how many games Rafa will play next year. Among them was Serena Williams’ former coach, who discussed Rafael Nadal’s 2024 season.

When it comes to Rafa, I understand he doesn’t want to feel that pressure and he wants people to think he’s coming to say goodbye next year. But that’s not the type of player he’s going to get the most out of. He will have plenty of time to practice. Historically, he’s a player who plays a lot. The real question is, how injury-hungry will he be in 2024?If he’s pain-free and free to play next year, there’s no reason to think he won’t be a danger/favorite at Roland Garros“.

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He also talked about his run earlier this year: “Is he ready to win the Australian Open? Perhaps, the time will be short. He wanted to see if he could win a Grand Slam, or if it was far away. If he was nowhere near winning a Grand Slam, he might stop.I don’t think he plays just to be No. 20 in the world“.

While Mouratoglou discussed the Spaniard’s 2024 season, Nadal himself shared his plans for what could be his final year on the ATP Tour.

Will we see this dream Spanish pair at the 2024 Olympics?


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Next season may be his last, and Nadal is aiming to compete in the Paris Olympics. The 22-time Grand Slam champion hopes to retire with another gold medal.beside Carlos Alcaraz. This multisport event may well be where he bids farewell to racquet sports.

Rafael Nadal, 36, has his dream retirement plans in Paris about to be thwarted as tennis rules go against the Spanish legend

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Despite expressing his desire, he also stated that he has not yet discussed the matter with the young Spaniard. But if the two decide to play Rafa’s final match, the entire tennis world will want to watch them play.


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what do you think? Will his wish come true?

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