Rapper Drake gave a fan $50,000 at a concert in Miami. That’s why

Rapper Drake gave a fan $50,000 at a concert in Miami.  That's why

The sign caught Drake’s attention as he addressed the crowd.

Canadian rapper Drake is making headlines again for his amazing act of generosity. During one of his “It’s All a Blur” tour stops in Miami last week, the musician gave $50,000 to a concertgoer whose ex-girlfriend was scheduled to attend the concert with him before his recent breakup. In accordance with Independentit was a sign that caught Drake’s attention as he addressed the crowd.

“I spent all my savings on tickets for me and my ex, but honestly it doesn’t matter, it’s actually Her Loss,” read the caption, which referred to the titles of two of Drake’s albums.

“I love this sign,” Drake said on stage, according to the report exit. “It’s a good sign to pick tonight. I usually do something nice for a woman. I’ll do something nice, give you a bag or something like that,” he added.

The rapper then admitted that he felt sorry for the concert goer. “So she won’t go out with you tonight? She won’t go to the Drake show with you tonight? What the hell is wrong with her? He asked before spinning the fan. “Are you just looking icy here with a gold chain and sunglasses?” He said.

Drake then revealed that he planned to help the man feel better by giving him a $50,000 gift. “You know? She’s going to feel really screwed because I’m giving you 50 bands so you can play with her tonight,” Drake added. “That’s how we do it tonight, big dog! Tonight is your night! he told the man, according to People.

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Meanwhile, Drake also received many unexpected gifts. Last month he showed off his massive collection of underwear thrown at him during the It’s All Blur tour. He posted a photo of a huge collection of bras on Instagram. “Remember when we both forgot who the hell I was in unison… that wavelength was definitely stupid,” Drake wrote.

This prompted his fans to take to the comments section and joke about the lingerie collection. “Got from It’s All A Blur tour to It’s All A Bra,” one user joked. “Algebra: the class where you solve A, B, C and DD,” another noted.

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