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Rhonesty is the film that starred Sydney Sweeney, staged an actual FBI interrogation of a young American girl. An Air Force veteran and yoga teacher, Nayak paints a picture of the many contradictions of being a young woman in government service.

Sydney Sweeneyappreciated interpreter of TV series like Excitement And White lotusis the hero of the film realityis scheduled for Thanksgiving on HBO in the United States and soon in Italy lucky red, Based on a true story. She plays an American veteran who reinvents herself as a yoga teacher who will become the first whistleblower of the Trump era.

premiered internationally at the Berlin Film Festival and directed by newcomer tina saterthe film reality is a taut thriller that offers an unfiltered look at one of the most polarizing political events in recent American history. Uniqueness is given by the use that the script makes of dialogue, which reports the actual transcript of the FBI interrogation of the twenty-five-year-old reality winner on June 3, 2017.

film plot

the film reality It begins when twenty-five-year-old reality winner (Sydney Sweeney) enters the driveway of her rented home in Augusta (Georgia) on a Saturday afternoon in June 2017 and is greeted by two FBI agents with a search warrant.

Undeterred, Viner tends to his animals and packs up his perishables before leading agents Garrick (Josh Hamilton) and Taylor (Merchant Davis) into a dingy room in his house. There is an inquiry of one hour. A life of reality slowly begins to crumble, with conversations seemingly incoherent.

As more and more accurate details emerge about a young woman’s experience with the US government on the job, more and more armed men arrive. Thus unfolds a complicated picture of an American millennial, yoga teacher and Air Force veteran who was accused of leaking a classified document on Russian interference in the 2016 US elections.

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integrity of the transcript

from beginning to end, reality It is a very unique film and cannot be compared to any other. Inspired by the true story of the former US intelligence expert and whistleblower reality winner, it is based on the transcript of his FBI interrogation tapes dated June 3, 2017. “As soon as I started reading the document, it immediately seemed like great material for a film,” commented the writer-director. Tina Sutter, who accessed the file due to a link contained in an article. “On the one hand, it was an official FBI document, but on the other, it had an extraordinary vitality in telling the reality and the moment that would change his life forever.”

Firstly, the director turned the reality winner’s story into a stage play, is this a room, which opened to a sold-out crowd in New York. It was only later that the idea of ​​writing the screenplay for a feature film matured, keeping everything in the document intact, including the stammer and cough. “It was an extraordinary document because it detailed how those involved were trying to communicate”.

Tina Sutterfilm director reality,

three characters on stage

There are basically three characters who bring life to the film reality: Reality Winner, Special Agent Garrick and Special Agent Taylor.

Sydney Sweeney She plays Reality, a millennial who manages to stay alert during a stressful interview, communicating powerfully with both body language and words. “For me, Reality Winner represents the ideal of American youth in 2017 with all its contradictions,” revealed the actress. “The first time I read the script of the film, I was mesmerized by how quirky, funny and suspenseful it was. The reality (to whom I spoke via Zoom) perfectly embodies all the implications of being a woman, a veteran, and a millennial.

josh hamilton Instead he plays Special Agent Garrick. “I saw the Tina Sutter stage show in 2019 and was blown away by the production,” he said. “The precision and tension on stage was mesmerizing. So, when three years later, I opened the email asking me if I’d be interested in being a part of the film, I had no doubt about the answer.” Prepared by studying the videos and trying to learn every element present, including interjections, pauses and moans, elements that are harmless at first glance but are used as manipulative techniques.

same as hamilton merchant davisThe cast was familiar with the stage show as Special Agent Taylor. To prepare for the part, she spoke with a retired FBI agent about his experiences with interrogations and what is and is not allowed under a search warrant.

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