Red Bull 64 Bars Rose Villain & Miles: text analysis

“I know it’s a shock to hear young lady who does it better than you” perfectly describes what happened in Red Bull 64 Bars signed Rose the Villainess and produced Miles.
This is just a small part of what Milanese rapper and producer Machete has in store. Red Bull 64 Bars Live. Next October 7, 2023, we repeat last year’s nonsense in Scampia. This time they will take turns taking the stage in their own continuous freestyle. Rose Villain, Lazza, Noise Narcos, Salmo and Joliet. And good Miles will direct the low frequencies from the remote control. THAT Tickets they are almost ready(check here if there are any more), but the entire show will be broadcast live on our YouTube channel, Red Bull Droppa.

Coming back to us, a freestyle as devastating as Rose’s could only be called Iron Maiden. At this stage, it is worth analyzing together the bars, lexical features, as well as the double meanings that are hidden behind them. Take the name: it, of course, refers to a heavy metal band, but translated into Italian it sounds like “iron maiden”. The definition that Rose gave herself and which we personally agree with.

It’s a pussy, Iron Maiden, we’re too cool / a little Da Baby, a little Emrat / You take a selfie in a balaclava / But the iron is fake, the rental car / You’re scolded by the nanny too much in FIFA

The Red Bull 64 Bars tutorial gets straight to the point. So does Rose, right after the unmistakable voice of Taxi B puts his signature to the beat of the classic “Man, It’s Young Miles.” The dual nature of femme fatale (Emily Ratajkowski) and gangster (Da Baby) is the core around which Rose’s characters revolve. Yes, it’s exciting, but also dangerous. And he, of course, doesn’t tell them this. Against.

come on, don’t worry baby / don’t worry, summer is coming / At least you don’t have to rap / maybe you learned how to sing / I’m on a yacht eating the hearts of rappers like Dahmer

And when you think that Rose has fallen into the trap of endless rhymes, you immediately realize that you have fallen into a trap. The quote about Jeffrey Dahmer and serial killers is a quote that adds a touch of noir to a character who no longer looks anything like Barbie. More Batman, anyway, as the title of the first Radio Gotham album suggests. “I’ve always been attracted to thrillers, directors like Fincher, Nolan, Tarantino,” she has said in the past. “Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to the dark and the macabre. Now I have found the key to combining my passion with music.”

hey he want a feat / do some ka-ching / Justin B / every song I touch is a hit / every song you touch is shit

Italian rap now consists of 50/50 English words or almost. However, if there is anyone who really has the right to use it widely, it is the man who studied it in the USA, formed the first group (The Villains), and also today met his husband, the Neapolitan producer Sixpm. So when he later freestyles and says “è vìllen non villéin,” we can trust his pronunciation to be correct.

Match Gucci Heron Preston with that stupid face / I’m Money-cash Bellucci, you’re Vincent Cassetto

As far as I’m concerned, this not only rises to the highest level of this freestyle, but by divine right is one of the empyrean highlights in the history of Red Bull 64 Bars. Cultured, brilliant, but at the same time hyper-comical, sharp as a katana, but at the same time round and rough, like a baseball bat. Fabulous.

wings in tar / I’m the infamous angel / I’ve got teeth and bread and that doesn’t mean I’m hungry

From here, after a thousand variations on the predominantly Jersey Club theme, Miles radically changes the rhythm with a very dark, very menacing techno beat. Rose indulges herself and does it with all sincerity: you don’t have to come from a disadvantaged background to be “hungry” or ambitious in life.

But your girl calls me in her sleep / Yeah, she says “Rose” and runs her hand over her body / Yeah Listen to my record, which is better than porn / You’re looking for me, look over the Duomo / Judging by you, I’m all for gold

Ours ends in style, mixing apparently profane and sinful images with the most sacred ones possible. As if to further emphasize that Rose is a Villain – to borrow a famous line from Verdone’s film – “a squad of fero and a squad of pen”, depending on how she wakes up.

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