Red Cross mobilizes 247 volunteers in Zaragoza: “We came here on vacation”

The Red Cross participated in the Pilar Festival last year 744 total incidents, mostly due to falls, cuts, trauma, and alcohol poisoning. Fortunately, Helena Benito, a doctor and head of health prevention devices at the Red Cross, said alcoholism care It has been declining in recent years.

90 of the Red Cross volunteers come from other provinces. They will take part in more than 200 events during the nine-day celebration. Many people, like Dr. Benito himself, are able to do this because they save time off for their day jobs. Also remember that every Red Cross post is a safe place where you can seek help for any reason. Apart from, Field hospital moved to Fuente, Spain A wreath-laying ceremony due to works on one of the cathedral towers.

To enjoy the holiday healthily, Red Cross doctors recommend drinking in moderation. To promote responsible drinking, the Red Cross will distribute breathalyzers at certain locations.This year is particularly worrying Give flowersSince the weather is very hot that day, bidders will wear multiple layers of clothes of generally thick fabrics and have to stand for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to wear thinner clothes, replenish water frequently, and move their legs to facilitate the bidder’s activities. cycle.

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