Regression of hairstyle leads to new cases of ringworm

Consultations at Salamanca Health Center continue to diagnose cases of ringworm, usually appearing on the scalp of young men. One of the main reasons, experts say, is the “lack of sanitization of the razor” when performing the popular degenerative haircut.

This is not a new problem.“Cases have increased since the pandemic,” said Dr. Alfonso Romero, adding: “Cases of ringworm have not resolved well due to complex treatments.” You don’t just need ointments and oral products to treat treat infected people, and And “you have to do some cleaning around the house” to keep the fungus from spreading In some outfits, this doesn’t always work, so the problem may recur in other members of the family. In fact, it’s estimated that the fungal spores that produce this infection can fight off at home for up to 18 months if not cleaned properly.

Dr. Lucas Fernández del Campo explained a few months ago that coincided with another rise in cases, explaining: “When archaeologists work on discovering Egyptian tombs, within 72 hours of entering the tomb, they Didn’t shave. They did it not because of the so-called curse, but because there were mushrooms that had been there for centuries. Suspended dust particles. If you’ve shaved or shaved, the chances of the fungus infecting your skin are greater».

In this sense, the theory linking cases of ringworm to the use of poorly sanitized razors is logical: “There is an associated factor with using a blade that when you shave, you break the skin, and when you shave When bearding the follicles, it’s more likely that you might get an infection.

Advice that must be carried out at home in case of ringworm is first of all Vacuum and steam clean your entire home Carpet and upholstery.

Cleanliness of bedding is also important. If the infection was brought on by a pet, the animal’s utensils should be cleaned.

for disinfection Chlorinated water is usually recommended Don’t neglect a comb if ringworm is on your scalp, or a bathtub if your feet are infected.

Family medicine experts highlight the issue “Usually changes with the seasons” The increase in cases in summer is also logical. In addition to greater use of shared pools and showers, “when people want to be cooler, they cut their hair short, which removes the protective barrier of the skin”.

The doctor noted that while head fungus was more common in younger men (because of the type of hair they had), fungus on the skin elsewhere on the body was fairly rare in this group of teens because, at that age, “estrogen and testosterone It changes the fatty acids in the skin.” These fats can create acne and greasy hair, which can be traumatic for teens, but the truth is, it also fights off fungal invasions, like the one that causes ringworm.

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