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She has shared the catwalks with colleagues of the caliber of Kendall Jenner and Willow Smith and has been defined as “the face of Burberry” thanks to the campaign created by photographer Mario Testino, but Jean Campbell still remembers with anger that time when she was rejected by a famous fashion brand due to her size. Daughter of the Earl of Cawdor and the former editor of British Vogue, Isabella Stanhope, the 25-year-old aristocrat (she has the title of Lady like her mother) reported the incident in a post on Instagram.

«Apple sent me this memo the other day – begins the filiform model, commenting on a shot in underwear and heels -. Here is a photo of me late at night in my underwear, after being eliminated from a job by a big brand because I’m “too big”. At the time this made me feel worthless. I think the idea that I was too big is, to say the least, shocking. But looking back, I pity how I felt, as I believed it came from such influential people. Today, however, I know how unhealthy and dysfunctional all of this was. Now I can confidently say that there is no greater beauty than love. The sadness in my eyes is the result of how helpless this made me feel and how simplistic it is to measure “beauty” by size.”

Lady Jean’s social outburst – that at the age of 19 she had two hip operations and managed to get back on the runway after months in a wheelchair – it didn’t go unnoticed. “Say it”, is the exhortation from Naomi Campbell, who accompanied the comment with three hearts. «They lost us», ruled the model Daisy Lowe. “Thanks for talking about it. You are intelligent, kind and beautiful and you should never feel like this », instead she cheered her up Georgia May Jaggerwhile many followers invited the young Campbell to publicly shame the fashion brand that hadn’t wanted her for that job.

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