REM Beauty, 7 products from the Arianna Grande make-up and skincare line

Recently arrived in Italy and already sold out! These are the make-up and skin care products of the REM Beauty line by Ariana Grande, between spatial dimensions and dreamy atmospheres, with a reference to the classic 60s style, reinterpreted in a modern key for the new generations. Vegan and nutrient-rich, here are 7 handpicked products inspired by Ari’s iconic look

REM Beauty, 7 products from the Arianna Grande make-up and skincare line

Born in 2021 and launched in Europe e Italy last February 13thexclusively from Sephorathe line REM Beauty Of Ariana Grande it is already a must have and some products were immediately sold out. There pop stars American of origins Italian (Molisane, to be exact), after dedicating herself to clothing lines and perfumes (the last one in 2022), arrives at cosmetics, like Rihanna and Serena Gomez, bringing her idea of ​​beauty, ethereal And accessible in the world of beauty, with a line of products eyes, lip And face multidimensional and suggestive. She has long been a style icon herself, with her gorgeous hair cat eyes and the effect naked on lips and complexion, very easy to imitate. The line takes its name from one of the most famous hits of the twenty-nine year old singer-songwriter and actress, who starting from the Disney world then went on to win numerous Grammys and overwhelmed millions of fans Worldwide. Here you are 7 among the products best sellers Of REM Beautyto try and choose in all shops Sephora!

REM Beauty, classic beauty in a modern key that inspires the new generations

There are three chapters that contain the many REM Beauty products by make-up And skincare, everyone vegans and high performance: from the spatial atmospheres of Ultravioletto the delicate dream world of Goodnight&Goto the retro chic adapted in a modern and innovative way by On your Collar. Drip Lip oil, Blurring Undereye Balm And Liquid Eyeshadow (the latter still not available in Italy) are viral on TikTok. The Flourishing Lengthening Mascara has passed the test of ClioMakeUpand the treatments face are of the highest quality, rich in active principles and perfect for skin care. Discover all the details with us!

Flourishing Lengthening Mascara

REM Beauty Flourishing Lengthening Mascara

From the intense black And ultra resistant, feeds, stretch And volumizes the eyelashes. With bamboo powder, micro algae from Tahiti and fruit extracts, it is 100% natural and has a lengthening effect, even for the thickest eyelashes. court. It has texture creamy and elastic that does not leave lumps. Discover this lengthening and nourishing mascara that boosts volume, lifts and lifts eyelash and lasts all day.

Full Night’s Sleep – Refreshing balm

Full Night's Sleep – REM Beauty Refreshing Conditioner

He’s an innovative moisturizing balm And refreshing plant-based for the eye contour, for a fresh and bright look in the morning. There caffeine reduces bags and energizes the eye area, while the gotu kola soothes and minimizes imperfections. Thanks to the power antioxidant of the extract of fungus, protects against free radicals. A complete treatment that acts at night, to wake up full of light in the morning, from fluffy texture And light which makes it suitable for a too makeup base smooth and comfortable.

Eyeliner Marker, recreates Ari’s iconic cat gaze

REM Beauty Eyeliner Markers

The Marker Eyeliner At the borderline is a special eyeliner a long lasting and smudge-proof which is inspired by the signature look by Ari, from deep black and with a sharp point that ensures maximum precision in the stretch. Keep it horizontally And near the tip for an extremely line preciseand choose between the classic cat eye or a bolder effect graphichow much more inspires you!

Essential Drip Lip Oil

Essential Drip Lip Oil REM Beauty

A lip oilinfused with hydrating coconut essence, from the exclusive applicator metallic. Associate the texture of a lip gloss to the benefits of a moisturizing oilfor a texture silky and an effect glossy with a delicate colored effect, which is not sticky. You can choose from several fragrances And colorsfrom peach to water blue, according to your mood of the moment.

Flourishing Serum Booster For Eyelashes And Eyebrows

Flourishing Serum Booster For Eyelashes And Eyebrows REM Beauty

Strengthen eyelash And eyebrows for an even more intense look! The serum from the formula based on biotin and infusion of peptides in just 4 weeks allows you to have eyelashes and eyebrows thicker And long, strengthening the follicles and counteracting damage and breakage. Like in mascaraTahitian micro-algae help improve density And volume. What are you waiting for to add it to your daily routine?

Eclipse blush & lip stick

REM Beauty Eclipse blush & lip stick

The blush For cheeks And lip Eclipse by REM Beauty it’s a balm two in one for a complexion healthy and an effect of course light. With ingredients ultramoisturizers such as jojoba seed oil and grape extracts, it has a creamy formula and intense. From the bright red to the red wineThis blush&lipstick it spreads easily and melts instantly, for a comfortable effect second skin.

Midnight Shadows Palette Of Eyeshadows

Midnight Shadows Palette REM Beauty

Inspired by Ariana’s iconic colors, each palettes contains talc-free, ultra-buildable formulas with a silky and creamy texture. Five shades with intense colors, mat And iridescent, to mix and wear by day or by night. What does it suggest Ari? Trace and blend the area between the outside of the eye and the eyebrows in your favorite colors, then draw the side with eyeliner, for a perfect result every time.

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