Remembering William Friedkin: Filmmaker dies at 87

Hollywood Says Farewell to William Friedkin

As you all know, this Monday News of the famed filmmaker’s death at the age of 87. His death occurred in the city of Los Angeles from heart failure caused by complicated pneumonia.. In the final years of the famous director’s life, he battled various health problems.

It was announced that his death had been confirmed Stephen GallowayDean of Chapman University and a close friend of the Friedkin family.According to the statement The Hollywood Reporter, galloway noticed the directorContinued to work until a few weeks ago while dealing with deteriorating health“.

Throughout his career, Friedkin International success with “The Exorcist”and has received some of the film industry’s most prestigious awards and honors: Oscar for Best Director go through French drug ring (1971); he Golden Globe Award for Best Director go through The Exorcist (1973); except for various specifically mentioned Cannes, Venice and Munich Film Festivals.

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The Life and Work of William Friedkin

Born August 29, 1935 in Chicago, Friedkin was one of the industry’s preeminent filmmakers of the 1960s and especially the 1970s. Peter Bogdanovich, Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, Friedkin starring in one of the richest and most creative moments in film history, known as new hollywoodIt is characterized by the viewpoint of a new generation of authors and the underlying ideological expression in films, regardless of genre.

Start Friedkin Their history in the audiovisual industry dates back to 1962, having directed several thriller and suspense episodes on television, The Gift of Alfred Hitchcock (1965).he also participated unknown dimension, Crypt story and CSI

when he arrives at the cinema good time 1967, but his first big hit didn’t come until 1971 french connection (also known as hookup in france), the police tape starring Gene Hackman Based on a true story, two cops chase a drug ring.The film won five awards Oscarinclude best director and best film.

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But his status as a cult director came in 1973. “The Exorcist”, one of the most controversial and successful horror films in history.based on a novel William Peter Blatty, garnering critical acclaim from the press, and soon became a commercial success. It’s a story about a 12-year-old girl who starts acting weird and weird until her mother starts thinking she might be possessed by the devil. exorcist received ten nominations Oscar And with two wins, it marks the horror genre before and after. Ironically, on the eve of his success, Friedkin He noted that he had no intention of making a horror film, but rather a powerful exploration of God’s faith, love and forgiveness.

After rising to fame in the 1970s and becoming one of the biggest names in the industry, the filmmaker failed to sustain success, at least commercially.similar movies The Wizard (1977)For example, it underperformed at the box office and was labeled a “failure,” yet critics and experts said it was one of his best films.

Friedkin He comes to comment on his profession: The life of a filmmaker is one movie after another. It pays off to connect with your audience and watch people line up to watch your tape.But the real satisfaction is in the process of making a movie.

last movie Friedkincaine mutiny court martial“will land in theaters after its official premiere next year Venice Film Festival.

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