‘Renaissance: The Beyoncé Movie’: Fans Predict Opening Scene

Beyoncé recently announced that she would be releasing a concert film of her recent tour entitled Renaissance: A Beyoncé Film, later this year. Although it won’t hit theaters until December 1st, fans already have some theories about its format.

“The Hive” in particular sparked debate online about what the opening scene would be. It began after Parkwood, the star’s company, asked for early predictions on Twitter.

Some took the time to share serious thoughts about what they hope to see. “Yeah, it starts with Bey expressing her gratitude for being back on stage and how much she misses the BeyHive, then everything fades to black after the opening credits and in the background, ‘Ladies and gentlemen… Beyoncé,'” one wrote from users.

“Some clips from her childhood carry over into her life now as a mother to her children and to the world,” another added. “She, after the last day of filming, goes back to how the album/tour concept began.”

Meanwhile, others joked about the anticipation of the album’s visuals. “The screen will flash: ‘YOU ARE VISUALS,’” someone else chimed in on Parkwood’s post.

Keep scrolling to see some more fan predictions about what Beyoncé is up to. Renaissance will be the first scene of the concert film.

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