“Rental Girl” and Jennifer Lawrence land in Chile

Arrival in Chile Girlfriend for rentWith Jennifer Lawrence absolutely irresistible.

Unexpected, exciting, but not trivial, Girlfriend for rentnew comedy Gene Stupnitsky is stunning and moves with ease and irony, bringing back a slightly vintage nineties flavor to the big screen. Protagonist, unprecedented and incredible Jennifer Lawrence (On the other hand, don’t look up.)who shows herself without malice (and without a veil) in a role light years away from Katniss in The Hunger Games which made her a cinema icon.

Girlfriend for rent: revenge comedy

Thanks to the excellent script written by the director himself together with John Phillips, Stupnitsky creates the perfect comedy: funny, bright, unusual, balancing the right balance of tones and comic ideas with moments of reflection and empathy, in a bittersweet mixture that hits straight to the heart. Girlfriend for rent (original name No hard feelingsliterally “Without Malice”) is a classic comedy unafraid of boldness, in context, in sharp language, in a direct, linear and unfiltered approach, with typical and over-the-top characters that also maintain the reality of two generations in comparison. (or rather, three, if you also count Percy’s parents).

Girlfriend for rent: Scenario

Already choosing a place Girlfriend for rentThe little-known and decadent town on the east coast of the United States, on the outskirts of New York but away from the metropolis, presents a challenge: a gray and anonymous, almost melancholic backdrop contrasts with the ebullience of the main character Maddie. , a young thirty-year-old who moves from one man to another without finding his own emotional stability, and who survives by tending bar and working as an Uber driver.

The story comes to life when her car is repossessed due to unpaid debts: without a car, without Uber and the associated income that would allow her to pay off all her debts and keep the family home. The solution comes from an advertisement in the newspaper: the parents (the irresistible father Laird, played by the cult actor of the eighties) Matthew Broderick) nineteen-year-old Percy is looking for a girl of at most 25 years old to “wean off” a shy boy about to go to college; and the compensation offered is truly a desirable car. Showing incredible arrogance, Maddie receives a special task. But Percy is a tough nut to crack…

Pair of Aces

IN Girlfriend for rentalong with very good Lawrence, young man Percy played by singer and actor Andrew Barth Feldman, regular on Broadway and is known to audiences for his role as Antoine in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series; innate talent for music, which manifests itself in the film in a poignant interpretation Ogre From Hall and Oatesaccompanied by a lightness of acting that goes well with the protagonist’s energy.

A pair of aces who dominate the stage, alternating irresistible and shameless gags with non-trivial reflections on the complexity of relationships with parents, overprotective on one side, absent on the other, and on the manifestation of one’s deepest feelings; in the background is a direct generational comparison between boomers (Matthew Broderick), Millennials (Jennifer Lawrence) and generation Z (Andrew Barth Feldman). WITH Girlfriend for rent, Gene Stupnitsky With intelligence and ease, he tells the story of three worlds that meet and collide, giving life to a comedy of life that is thrilling and thrilling at the same time.

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