Rental girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence nude scenes “I took a deep breath and undressed”

Jennifer Lawrence explains how she got over the embarrassment of nude scenes in the wild comedy Girlfriend, which releases June 21st.

Rental girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence nude scenes

Jennifer Lawrence made a bet on farcical humor for his new work, girlfriend for rentone of the 15 most anticipated films in theaters for the summer of 2023, in which she was forced to nude scenes.

Girlfriend for Hire Jennifer Lawrence

Girlfriend for Hire: Jennifer Lawrence Close Up

“I took a deep breath and then undressed”Jennifer Lawrence, 32, told PEOPLE magazine during an interview. His co-star Andrew Bart Feldman, who played a clumsy teenager forced to lose his virginity by his parents before going to college, admitted that the scenes in question would be pretty “weird and uncomfortable” for anyone on the planet. “but the set was incredibly safe and secure. Everyone was so nice, constantly checking to make sure we were okay”.

Naked at the destination

“Girlfriend for Hire” stars Jennifer Lawrence as Maddie, an ineffective young woman who can’t keep her job or boyfriend. With no money, Maddie is forced to accept an offer from a wealthy couple who hire her to date their 19-year-old son Percy and introduce him to the fairer sex before he leaves for college.

A nude scene occurs when Maddie takes Percy for a swim at night and their clothes are stolen by other bathers. Without revealing too much, Percy ends up grabbing the hood of a speeding car.

Girlfriend for Rent Jennifer Lawrence Bart Feldman

Girlfriend for Hire: Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Bart Feldman in Scene

“I never expected this in my life”– Andrew Bart Feldman admitted to PEOPLE magazine, referring to his nude scene, filmed on the roof of a car. “Like everything in this film, you just have to do it and then it’s done.”

Jennifer Lawrence ironically adds: “Why Should You”.

Gene Stupnitsky, screenwriter and director Officehe sent girlfriend for rent and co-wrote the script with John Phillips, based on a real advertisement.

“Gene read me a real Craigslist ad and I died laughing”Lawrence spoke about this to Entertainment Weekly. “I thought it was funny, but there was no script or anything. I just thought he had a funny idea. And then a couple of years later, he handed me the funniest script I’ve ever read in my life.”

Italian release girlfriend for rent scheduled for June 21st.

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