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  • It is recommended that vaccination cards be kept up to date, especially the doses for influenza, pneumococcus, pertussis and Covid-19.
  • Room ventilation and hand hygiene are also important as preventive measures.
  • When respiratory symptoms occur, the Avoid self-administration of antibiotics and seek medical advice.

Prevent Respiratory Infection and Avoid Serious ConditionsThe Ministry of Health of Córdoba recalls that one of the main measures is Keeping the National Vaccination Calendar Up to Date.For the winter most important we can mention Influenza, pneumococcal, whooping cough and Covid-19the province’s vaccination network is free.

Another measure is practice proper hand hygiene regularlyEspecially when returning from the street, from the bathroom or preparing meals.It is also important to have the right approach ventilation of the home environment, maintain air exchange; also Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or your elbow.

Since these diseases can be more serious in Girls and boys under 5 years of age are advised not to come into contact with anyone with respiratory symptoms. Furthermore, it is important Continue exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months of age. It should be remembered that IRAB contingency plans for this populationwhich means increased attention and monitoring of the situation.

About Respiratory Diseases

Respiratory infections are illnesses caused by viruses or bacteria that cause inflammation of the nose, throat, ears, bronchi and lungs.this most common symptoms They are: difficulty breathing, irritability, fever over 38 degrees, cough, stuffy nose, conjunctivitis, sore throat, headache and muscle pain.

Before At the first symptoms, it is important to avoid self-administering antibiotics and to consult a doctor Prompt diagnosis, especially in neonates, children, and adults with risk factors.

in the case of In children under the age of five, a cough or cold may turn into bronchiolitis or pneumonia, so attention must be paid to these symptoms. It should be remembered that fast or noisy breathing, sunken chest, irritability, and refusal of food and liquids are warning signs that you must go to a health center immediately.

It is worth mentioning that People with symptoms should avoid going to public places, Such as work or school, and limit close contact at home. Moreover, in cases where antibiotic therapy is medically indicated, it is important not to shorten or abandon treatment prematurely, as inappropriate use of antibiotics can promote bacterial resistance, compromising their effectiveness.

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