Respiratory tract infections in children are on the rise

Pediatric consultations have increased in recent weeks respiratory tract infection cases, a typical painting for this time of year. Although, as highlighted by public health authorities, there is an increase in this type of pathology, Influenza remains below epidemic thresholds.

Teresa Senaro, vice-president of the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics and a pediatrician at the Sagasta Health Center in Zaragoza, explained that “there has been an increase in the spread of respiratory viruses,” although fewer cases were treated this week than the previous week. The first three weeks.He pointed out that the dominant respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), but “fortunately, those immunized with antibodies are generally not affected, or very mildly.”

Aragon has been carrying out immunizations for weeksInfants under six months and children under two years of age Preventing high risk of severe disease with Sanofi and AstraZeneca’s monoclonal antibody nirsevimab virtual reality system. The aim is to avoid cases of bronchiolitis and pneumonia and reduce the risk of hospital admission and serious illness. “Coverage is now close to 95%, so all the babies who need to be vaccinated are those who are not yet born between now and March 31,” said Public Health Director Nuria Gayán, who thanked ““Active Capture” Conducted by neonatology services and health centres. 5,263 doses have been administered.

According to Elena Javierre, President of the Aragon Primary Care Pediatric Association, “tonsillitis Many upper respiratory tract symptoms, bronchitis…” due to strep. In pediatrics, COVID-19 testing is not indicated except for children with risk factors. RSV is dominant and this year, after immunization of infants, It mainly affects children over 5 years old. Currently, no worrisome cases of respiratory infections in minors have been found.

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