Restless Leg Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Restless legs syndrome, how to recognize it, symptoms and how to treat the disorder even during pregnancy

To imagine that you go to bed between the softness of the mattress and the thinnest silk pillowcases and cannot relax is one of the deepest fears of many. This happens to those with restless leg syndrome, one of those illnesses that is initially not given much importance, which is considered a transient irritation, blaming exhaustion, which causes low blood pressure, too much fever, which makes the legs heavy, or with excess coffee. . Those who suffer from it develop over the years it’s getting harder and harder to rest your feet, because in combination with sleep, severe pain begins, which does not allow the rest of the body to relax. Affected by the syndrome lie down in bed, try to relax, but their legs hurt, as if they were running tingling which becomes excruciating pain, and the only solution is to start moving your legs relentlessly, hard, as if you are running away from something, precisely from this pain. The problem has neurological origin, for this reason it is considered in especially severe forms as a syndrome that causes discomfort and often the inability to carry out daily activities, like the rest of the population. If it is difficult to identify initially, it can be treated instead.

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Restless legs syndrome causes and symptoms

The condition RLS affects between 5% and 15% of the population, most of this sample is older than middle age, so it is not strictly a disease of young people. Some studies have found a correlation with dopamine change present in the brain, which contributes to the neural connection of the lower extremities. The causes of this syndrome are:

  • genetic predisposition (in this case it’s called primary syndrome.
  • decreased availability of dopamine (a key neurotransmitter)
  • pregnancy (last trimester)
  • iron deficiency and anemia
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • kidney failure

Restless legs syndrome can be hereditary, so its manifestations depend on one family genetic predispositionleading to patient injury primary syndrome. If, on the other hand, the disorder is caused by another comorbid condition (eg, pregnancy, neuropathy, or iron deficiency), then it is defined as secondary syndrome. If there are no comorbid conditions and you suffer from restless legs, this is called restless legs syndrome. idiopathic. All these manifestations are treatable and require monitoring by a specialist.

Restless legs syndrome, how to recognize pain and make a diagnosis

The pain is felt in the legs as a contraction of the underlying muscles such as femoralbut also the gods calves and a little bit ankle, and sometimes on hand, with this disorder is described by Kevin, a 30-year-old Swiss boy, who spoke about his experience in an interview: “The legs are restless. feelan irresistible urge to move them and you can’t control it. You feel relief just by moving them. It’s like ants crawling up your feet or legs and making them move.” A TikTok user with the same syndrome describes the feeling of exhaustion she feels after being unable to rest at night, “like when you leave your phone charged overnight but feel like you only have 20 percent left in the morning.” battery. To find out if you have Restless Leg Syndrome, it would be ideal to see a doctor who can prescribe treatment.blood analysis For check iron levels and check sleep. Perceived pain varies depending on the degree of pain tolerance from person to person and the severity of the syndrome, but this sensation can become unbearable and interfere with daily life, explains Dr. Bassi from the San Donato group, “and this condition can lead to important side effects. effects:

  • chronic sleep deprivation
  • scarce ability to concentrate throughout the day
  • refusal to participate in social activities
  • depression
  • Bad mood

Restless legs syndrome and pregnancy

Some studies have shown that the prevalence of RLS in pregnant women ranges from 10 to 34%. Symptoms usually disappear completely shortly after childbirth, but in some patients they may persist after childbirth. The discomfort manifests itself in the lower body, affecting the legs in pregnant women after the third trimester for one year. lack of folic acid or iron what can happen during this period, taking into account the growth of the fetus. If you’re having difficulty sleeping due to leg pain, tingling, and tingling, the only relief of which is movement, it’s helpful to talk to your gynecologist.

Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome

There The indicated therapy for restless legs syndrome is pharmacological and includes an assessment of the patient’s age and comorbidities. The goal is to reduce sleep disturbances in order to improve quality of life and restore normal daytime functions. Doctors often prescribe, depending on the severity of the case, anticonvulsants, sleeping pills, opioids, and dopaminergics to improve nervous system communication. Even the inclusion of magnesium in the form of dietary supplements, creams and bath salts has actually been shown to to reduce episodes of insomnia, but also promote relaxation. An adequate dose of magnesium for adults is about 300 mg. Other good habits that should be incorporated into daily life to maximize the effectiveness of therapy are:

  • take magnesium supplements
  • don’t take caffeine, so cut out coffee, soda, and other drinks that contain caffeine
  • Practicing physical activity every day, avoiding the moment before bed, figuring out when to exercise and why
  • Have a consistent sleep schedule that follows more or less exact times to teach the circadian rhythm.
  • Explore relaxing bedtime rituals like a warm bath, a sensual skin treatment, or reading a book.
  • Sleep in a cool, dry place with a sleep-inducing smell.

Exercises for Restless Leg Syndrome

There are many creators on TikTok who share videos that talk about their experiences with the syndrome. In addition to finding out how many people in the world actually have this problem and feel less lonely by watching videos on the platform, you can find interesting ideas, remedies and exercises to relieve pain, such as:

  • hot bath with magnesium salts, especially during pregnancy: The Creator recommends as a remedy – on the advice of her doctor – immersing the feet in Epsom saltthose. Natural Magnesium before bed to completely relax your legs.
  • stretching of the lower limbs
  • walk or do tabletop exercise bike

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