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anchovies. In the Teniente Agripino Enciso National Park, the results of the project “Analysis and assessment of the health status of migratory birds within the framework of early detection and prevention of H5N1 virus-bird flu awareness” are presented to activate the health emergency plan for the presence of the inhabitants of the area in their backyards or poultry Be the first to sound the alarm when flu symptoms appear, thereby preventing spread.


After my country’s first bird flu outbreak Chaco From May, from the National Animal Health and Quality Service (Senaxa) They traced the area where the bird flu, the first source of H5N1 infection, was found. Therefore, they have been deactivated thus far. However, information activities for the residents of the Mariscal Estigarribia, Boqueron and Filadelfia regions in the province of Boqueron continued.

no suspected cases

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, our province has not reported any suspected cases of bird flu symptoms. Humanity and within the frame early detection And the promotion of preventing H5N1 virus – bird flu.In order to activate the agreement health emergencies, Information sessions held for park rangers, producers, representatives aboriginal village,resident community And other.

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The conversation included comments on the behavior of the virus in Boqueron province, where five cases have been confirmed, all under control.The idea is that residents of the area are the first to sound the alarm when they develop flu symptoms, thereby avoid spread.

It should be remembered that Execution Declare an animal health emergency Avian Influenza the entire territory of Paraguay, and to initiate National Animal Health Emergency System (Sinaesa) The measure is valid for six months.

this Avian Influenza (AI) it’s a viral disease highly contagious It affects domestic and wild birds. Although less common, avian influenza viruses have also been isolated from mammals and humans.This complex disease is caused by split virus multiple subtypes (i.e. H5N1, H5N3, H5N8, etc.), Its genetic traits evolve very rapidly.

disease occurrence worldwide, But different subtypes are more common in some regions.It is important to avoid contact Sick or dead birds. If you notice any of these, please call immediately SENACSA ​​(0982) 567 525; or (021) 729 0015 ext. 1215.

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