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winner Gf Vip 7

The winner of the Gf Vip 7 –

There is always great tension between the Big Brother Vip contestants these days. Quarrels, discussions, loves and jokes are the order of the day. But who will be the winner?

A vippone of the Gf Vip 7 he broke the silence and let himself go by sharing his thoughts on this edition of the program and on his travel companions. She gave an interview to the site during which he revealed some secrets that he has kept to himself until today and that could define the fate of the televised race.

In December, the contestant in question left the most watched house in Italy, but continued to follow the program from home, noting the behavior of the various former tenants. When asked who he thinks could win the GF Vip 7 Luca Salatino he has no doubts.

Who will win the Gf Vip 7?

Who could win the program? I think, in my opinion, Tavassi… a person who is direct, knows how to do it, is someone who makes you laugh and jokes. I think, at this point, it could be him. Who deserves it? I deserved it, but that’s how it went now”said the former tronista of Men and women without hesitation, then adding his idea on Donnalisi always at the center of the storm.

I see it difficult that they can have a story outside, I’ve always supported them but I don’t know. It seems more like love and hate, sometimes almost more hate… Especially when arguments happen, the things Edoardo says to her… I mean, I don’t know. Before, I was certainly convinced of their story, today I’m not that much.”.

Luca Salatino

Luca Salatino –

What Salatino thinks of Nikita and Oriana

They are two fairly clean paths, they look like two girls who are consistent with their experiences, in the sense that inside the house there are two people who, as far as I can tell you, seem to be clean beyond any misunderstanding that has occurred . As strange as the people in there may seem at times, I think they both can make it to the finals, yes. Nikita has passed so many nominations and Oriana is much loved by the public, she has a way of doing that she is cheerful, smiling, self-confident… a person suitable for a reality show ” Salatino said.

At the moment there are various hypotheses, even among web followers who make predictions and begin to imagine the end of the program. However, whoever wins will not find everyone’s consensus and there will always be some controversy on the horizon. We just have to wait for the last episode.

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