Revelations. Katy Perry: “My first music director is my daughter”

katy perry
katy perry

The singer told the media that she does not feel ready to release new unreleased material yet.

Act as the first point of contact when it comes to new songs katy perry she is still his daughter Daisy,

The singer revealed this during an interview with People: “Daisy is always the first one to hear my demos,” says the “Firework” writer. “I play him whatever music I’m writing and see if he likes it.”

The “I Kissed a Girl” singer’s daughter is with her actor boyfriend Orlando Bloom,

Carty also told the publication that she is not ready to release new material, but that “the creativity and ideas have never stopped, even if they haven’t been shared to date”.

“I want to travel the world”

When it comes time to release her next set of tracks, Katy is looking forward to embarking on a massive world tour.

“When I release music on a larger scale, I want to go on a world tour and everything that goes with it,” the “California Girls” singer shared.

“I’m thrilled because the upcoming musical is truly a work of love.”

Katy released her sixth studio album, “Smile”, in August 2020. The album includes songs such as “Daisies”, “Harleys in Hawaii” and “Never Really Over”.


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