Review of the First Post: What NFL Legend Tom Brady Shares in His Instagram Debut

Tom Brady is one of the most active celebrity Instagram users in the world. While his journey on the platform has long been steady, not many people know when Tom Brady launched his Instagram account.

Well, if this question has been lingering in your mind, today is the day we help you find the answer. Tom Brady made his first post on Instagram on January 8, 2017, and here are other details about his debut on the photo-sharing platform:

What was Tom Brady’s first post on Instagram?

Tom Brady first posted on Instagram on January 8, 2017. Brady played for the New England Patriots in 2017, throwing for 4,577 yards and 32 touchdowns that same year. In fact, 2017 was the year he won his third career MVP.

In the first photo officially shared on his Instagram account, you can see Tom Brady standing in the snow. In the background, we can see trees covered in snow as Brady poses to admire the snowfall.

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Two years later, Tom Brady shared a memorable photo on his Instagram on August 5, 2019. This is a photo of Tom Brady’s draft card he saw during a Pro Football Hall of Fame event in Canton.

In the picture you can see the 2000 NFL Draft logo, as well as the round in which Tom Brady was drafted. From the card we can see that Brady was drafted as the quarterback of the New England Patriots at 199 overall.

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Meanwhile, it’s now 2023, and it feels like nostalgia to watch such a great NFL player retire after more than two decades in the sport.

So far, as of November 5, Tom Brady has published 467 posts and has 14.5 million Instagram followers.

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