Richard Sherman randomly rips Mike Malone to defend LeBron James

Richard Sherman is building a lucrative television career.

He is a regular analyst Thursday night football Occasionally moonlighting as a shock jock on the Fox Sports 1 debate show, Undisputed. According to a new look at defending NBA champion Denver Nuggets head coach Mike Malone, Sherman appears to have the necessary skills to obnoxiously distribute lazy, immature shots.

Wednesday, Undisputed The group breaks down some of the content for the 2023-2024 NBA season. One of the early highlights comes on opening night, when LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers take on the Nuggets and Denver hoists its first-ever championship banner from the rafters. It was a repeat of last season’s intense (but ultimately uncompetitive) Western Conference Finals, when the Nuggets swept the Lakers. It also reignited the budding rivalry between Malone and James. Malone, of course, famously resented the disproportionate attention James and the Lakers received when they were swept out of the playoffs by the Nuggets.

In breaking down the matchup, Sherman defended James (who, of all people, doesn’t need the extra help) and said Malone will become “an irrelevant, wrong name in the NBA history books.”

Well, I didn’t know that!

Compared to James, yes, Malone’s resume is negligible.

But that’s true for just about everyone in NBA history, as James is one of the best basketball players of all time. Using this framework to compare the two is a bit ridiculous. Never mind that Malone initially targeted James and argued against the Lakers’ over-the-top coverage from a competitor perspective. Isn’t he allowed to speak for his team – the league’s team? best team Now – because James is the greatest player of all time? Because that’s something I can’t feel. What’s the point of paying attention to sports if opposing coaches or players can’t come and support the Kings? Whether they miss out is another matter. In this case, Malone has not missed James’ shot. As the saying goes: The winner is king.

Regardless, it would be foolish to say Malone will be forgotten or irrelevant in NBA annals. He has over 400 wins as a head coach and just brought the Nuggets their first championship in franchise history. As long as Denver’s Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray are in their respective primes, Malone will likely add at least another championship banner to the Nuggets’ home turf. A coach who wins a championship, let alone two, is forever remembered and cherished. Never mind when they showed off their initial brilliant breakthrough for the organization.

Taken together, Sherman’s criticisms and rants against Malone are misplaced, unfounded, and come across as simply trying to stoke controversy on social media. I thought, writing this article about it, mission accomplished!

Next time, though, Sherman should really let James fight his own battles. The irony is: stick with football, sir.

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