Rihanna, at the Super Bowl, pregnant but too sexy

If for many, review Rihanna perform in half time of Super Bowl it was a nice surprise, also for the revelation linked to her second pregnancy, it seems that not everyone thinks the same way.
In fact, it seems that even though two weeks have passed since his return to the scene, the comments and, now, the protests about the event have not yet subsided.

According to what the American media, specialized and non-specialized bodies write, the Federal Communications Commission (Federal Communications Commission or FCC), which has the task of supervising any television broadcast including the Super Bowlconcluded the singer’s concert, she found herself overwhelmed by a series of complaints and “complaints”.
For all those who have made their voices heard in the Commission it seems that the show put on by was the problem Rihanna deemed, by these people, “Too sensual”.
A critique filed by multiple people for a performance that saw over a hundred complaints for just 13 minutes.

To have been put in the spotlight, in a negative way, were the choreography and lyrics of the songs deemed unsuitable for broadcasting.
According to the complaints, in fact, Rihanna would have proposed something pornographic and totally unsuitable for children.

That of RihannaHowever, it wasn’t the only show to receive complaints, in fact, it seems that the situation repeats itself every year.
The same fate befell the performance of a year ago by Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J Blige, Eminem And 50 cents, Kendrick Lamar he had 33 and, in 2020, Shakira And Jennifer Lopez they suffered the same fate.
The maximum number of protests came with the famous half time of Justin Timberlake And Janet Jacksonwhen the latter happened to show an uncovered breast.

Rihanna will also be the protagonist of the night of the Oscars of this year when he will sing “Lift me up“, nominated for best original song, during the ceremony.

Published: February 27, 2023 at 2:55pm

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