Rihanna became a mother for an encore, the name is (still) a mystery

Rome, August 23, 2023 – Recently the singer Rihanna (Robin Rihanna Fenty) gave birth to a boy. At the moment, we only know that this is another boy, a younger brother. RZA extensionwas born in May 2022. The star and successful cosmetics and lingerie entrepreneur welcomed two babies with a partner, a rapper. A$AP Rocky (born Rakim Atelaston Myers).


According to an entertainment site ‘TMZ’, the second son of the two musicians was due to be born in early August. “Direct and informed sources told us that the baby was born on August 3 in Los Angeles,” US media reported. The name of the child is not yet known, but it turned out that it begins with the letter “P”.

star announcement

Rihanna was last seen in public in late July, having dinner with Rocky at her favorite Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, California, by which time her pregnancy was nearly over. The announcement of the diva’s sweet expectation took place spectacularly in February 2023, during the intermission Super Bowl. On the occasion of his speech RiRi she put on a flaming, fiery red costume, from which, to the surprise and delight of the audience, a large belly protruded.

Friends first

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky they have been together for three years. They used to be close friends and often collaborated on professional events and projects. Those who know them well have always emphasized the special feelings and complicity that they showed when they were somewhere together. TO May 2015In a radio interview, the rapper denied that there was ever anything more than friendship between them. “That’s not what I’m looking for,” he said of the matter.

Fall in love from 2020.

Their romantic relationship began in 2020at the beginning of an era COVID-19. In an interview with ‘GQ’ In May 2021, A$AP Rocky confirmed that he was engaged to Rihanna and called her “The One”. A month earlier, a source said “We are weekly” that the couple was seen “holding hands and laughing” during an evening in Los Angeles. According to some, some time ago, the wedding of the pop star and the rapper was held in secret.

Ups and downs

Whether the marriage actually took place between them, no one knows for sure. However, what is clear is that their story continues, despite the ups and downs. A year ago, at a time of supposed crisis, according to the tabloids, the rapper’s arrest in Los Angeles over a shootout in November certainly didn’t help. 2021. The singer was later released on bail. Shortly thereafter, always in 2022they welcomed their firstborn RZA extension (named after the leader of the musical group Wu-Tang Clan). And now they have expanded their family even more.


In an interview with “British Vogue”In February 2023, Rihanna opened up about her relationship with her partner and shared some details about their experience as a parent. “We are best friends with a child,” commented the artist. “We should be on the same wavelength, but deep down our relationship has always had this feature. Everything changes when you have a baby, but I would say that it only brought us closer.”

Mom for an encore

Close friends say that now, having become a mother for the second time, RiRi I’m in seventh heaven with happiness. “Now he feels like his family is complete,” the source said. ‘People’. Another witness added: “He always dreamed about it. She loves being a mother.” The pop star, originally from St. Michael, Barbados, shared with fans the joy during pregnancy and in the months after giving birth, and also did not hide the initial difficulties of motherhood: “I could not believe that I had practically become two people. – said the star in an interview with the publication ‘Fashion’ after the birth of the first child. “It’s incredible. Even the first few days are unusual: you don’t sleep at all, even if you want to.”

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