Rising cases of influenza, COVID-19 and bronchiolitis herald the beginning of a pandemic wave

influenza cases, Coronavirus disease and viruses that cause bronchiolitis in children (virtual reality system) rose last week in Catalonia. According to the Infection Surveillance Information System (SIVIC), although transmission levels remain low, these three viruses, especially influenza and virtual reality systemwith a higher incidence in people under 45 years of age, indicating the onset of the disease wave Popular in autumn and winter.Vaccination coverage Coronavirus disease The influenza protection rate for people over 80 years old is 48%, and for those aged 70-79 is 33%. The influenza protection rates for these age groups are slightly higher, at 55% and 40% respectively.

During the week of November 13 to 19, there were 3,501 confirmed cases. Coronavirus disease The primary care number was 2,909 compared to the previous week. The number of cases detected remains lower than at any other season during this time of year.342 patients have been hospitalized Coronavirusan increase of 28 people compared with the previous week and an increase of 10 people month-on-month. ICUand four more.

The number of influenza cases diagnosed in primary care is slightly higher than last season, at 3,144 (compared to 2,354 in the same week last year).About respiratory viruses syncytium (virtual reality system), 680 cases were confirmed in primary health care facilities, including 330 children under 1 year old and 245 children between 12 and 24 months old. The last bronchiolitis season was difficult and unusual, with 1,610 cases diagnosed for this time of year.

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