Robert Downey Jr talks about Kate Winslet’s reaction to her ‘Love Never Goes on Vacation’ audition | Movie

Robert Downey Jr. AND Jimmy Fallon they attended a recent episode of The Howard Stern Show and revealed that they both auditioned for Love doesn’t go on vacation2006 Nancy Methers film starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law.

Downey was up for the role of Lowe, and Fallon was up for the role of Jack Black.

They both called us to fill in the gap… the director needed someone to audition with the girls and we just sat there and said, “They’ll pick us.”“.

Downey explained that he was very confident in his chances, he believed that the role would be as easy as shelling pears. Jude Law. “I told myself that I must have a better English accent than Jude Law, but then Kate Winslet told me, “That’s the worst English accent I’ve ever heard.”“.

Fallon had only nice words for a colleague:I thought, without a doubt, you were the best actor I ever auditioned for. It upset me but after that point I let it go, it was the last audition I had for the role.“.

Downey added:Nancy told me that we were great, but we weren’t the perfect couple.“.

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