Rocio Munoz Morales: stages of professional life

Rocio Munoz Moralesactress, TV presenter and model, born in Madrid on June 10, 1988 in 2022 he played a very, very special role. In fact it was Godmother of the Venice International Film Festival. Responsible for hosting the opening and closing evenings, we saw her among the protagonists of the event that film lovers look forward to every year. To continue the topic of films, in this article we will trace some of them together. works in which Rocío took part and let’s look at the part Television programs in which he worked.

Rocio Munoz Morales in Venice

V 2022 going on there 79th edition of the famous Venice International Film Festival.. After Serena Rossi, who was the godmother of the event in 2021, this role will be filled by actressTV presenter and model Rocio Munoz Morales. The international jury of the Venice 79 competition is headed by an actress. Oscar winner Julianne Moore and get prestigious Golden Lion for the best film – a work All the beauty and pain – All the beauty and bloodsheddirected by Laura Poitras.

Rocio movies and series

Rocío Muñoz Morales has many films and various television programs in his career. In particular, every year there is an event based on music that continues to intrigue the public and has been followed by the media for decades. We are talking about Sanremo Festivalwith Rocío, who in the 2015 edition took to the stage of the Ariston Theater as one of the protagonists of the event.

Below will be the place to mention the many milestones in the career of Eve’s translator in the television series. One step away from paradiseand this experience will certainly not be lacking.

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Immature – Journey

Rocio Munoz Morales Immature it is not there, but we find it in the continuation of the work, i.e. Immature – Journey. Release year of this film Paul of Genoa And year 2012. Having overcome the hurdle of canceling the school exam shown in the prequel, the film again focuses on the adventures involving Lorenzo (Ricky Memphis), He knows (Barbora Bobulova), Francis (Amber Angiolini), Peter (Luca Bizzarri), Virgil (Paul Kessisoglu), George (Raoul Bova), Martha (Louise Ranieri) and Eleanor (Anita Caprioli), this time traveling to an island in Greece.

A small curiosity in the work is that in its composition, in addition to Rocio, there are two more actresses, Godparents of the Venice International Film Festivali.e. Ambra Angiolini and Luisa Ranieri, who reprized the role in 2007 and 2014 respectively.

Rocio Muñoz Morales: 2015 is full of surprises

V 2015 we see Rocío in the TV series and the movie. Let’s start from the beginning by saying that the actress is present in One step away from paradisewhere she plays the role of Eva Fernandez. He will remain in this role until 2019 and then resume in 2023. Then it will be the year of the film’s release. All roads lead to Rome, in which Rocio is assigned the role of Ermenegilda. Supervised work Ella Lemhagen, tells the story of Maggie and Summer, who arrive in Italy, more precisely, at their uncle’s farmhouse in Tuscany, they are waiting for amazing meetings. The characters Maggie and Summer are played respectively. Sarah Jessica Parker AND Rosie Day. In the cast we also find, among other things, Claudia Cardinale AND Raoul Bova.

In addition, Rocio Muñoz Morales is one of the protagonists of one of the most anticipated events of the year, namely Sanremo Festival. In fact, we see that the leadership Charles Conti With Arise, Emma Brown AND Rocio.

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You are hiding something from me

Between film with Rocio Muñoz Morales There are also You are hiding something from meJob 2018 director Joseph Loconsole. The film has three main characters who are strangers to each other, but who are united by the search for truth.

Among them is Valeria (Sarah Felberbaum), a photographer who temporarily works as a private detective. The second main character is Irene (Olga Rossi) in search of her missing husband. The main character is also Ezio (Alexander Tiberi), who, while trying to get one of his novels published, works as a taxi driver. The role entrusted to Rocio is that of Jamila.

Great desire to live

Great desire to live this is a movie 2023 director Michael Andreozzi, who is also involved in the work as a translator. This is an adaptation of the novel of the same name. Fabio Volowho in turn plays one of the two main characters, namely the character Marco.

In particular, the plot tells about the events associated with the character, who was brought to the screen by Volo and Anna, whose role is entrusted Victoria Puccini. Part allotted Rocio Muñoz Morales is Conchita.. Vittoria Puccini, like Rocio, played the role of the godmother of the Venice International Film Festival, but in 2011.

All dreams are still flying

2023 it’s also the year of the TV show All dreams are still flyingwith control Massimo Ranieri and the participation of Rocio Muñoz Morales. Numerous guests take part in the show led by the songwriter. If the city burned down AND Loss of loveamong them also Gianni Morandi, Naomi AND Tiziano Ferro.

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