Romina Gaetani on health after hospitalization: ‘I was very serious, my body was still shaking’

Romina Gaetani says after hospital: ‘I was in a very serious mood but I still haven’t gotten over it’

a few weeks ago the actress Romina Gaetani His health is failing. Within ten days, she was hospitalized twice, once in critical condition. Now, fully recovered, he spoke to Socios del espectaculo (El Trece) about alleged malpractice at the clinic where he was treated.

“I’m fine and still recovering. They said I had bad bronchitis, but when I asked how bad it was, they told me: “Long Nine”. So it was pneumonia,” the actress said in a note to the show, hosted by Rodrigo Lucic and Adrian Parares. “Do you think there was a medical malpractice in the first hospitalization? asked the cycle recorder. “I can’t say malpractice, that’s up to Ignacio Trimarco (his lawyer).I haven’t sat down to talk like I’m walking step by step.My first hospital stay was uncomfortable and didn’t feel cared for Then they released me and I went home because I didn’t feel well and I came back,” the interpreter replied.

“I’ve had asthma since I was a kid, and that’s why this photo made me feel complicated,” she explained. He then pointed out details that made the situation more complicated than it first appeared. “They gave me a drug that I wouldn’t talk about because it was inconvenient. They didn’t tell me what was going to happen. When they gave me, I conveyed that I felt bad. I don’t know if the nurses were on It was said there,” he said.

“When the doctor arrived, I ended up arguing with her and the situation became complicated. My vision was blurry from the nervous tension, combined with the corticosteroids I was receiving, and the level of pain and anger made me remember grabbing my phone and giving My brother called,” he added. “I’m still nervous when I say that. Something strange happened to me. I still can’t get over the whole situation that’s happened so far,” Gaetani finished.

Romina Gaetani says after hospitalization: ‘I was very serious’

Let us remember that during those worrying days, Romina is especially grateful to the entire professional team who treated her at the medical center and who managed to find her diagnosis. “They housed me, healed me, were attentive, looked me in the eye when they said my name, held my hand, and made progress in treatment,” he explained. Then he let go One breath: “What a peace it makes me, to be able to say… I feel better today”.

Gaetani immediately explained his current situation, referring to all the expressions of affection he had received along the way. “After 6 days in hospital, plus transfer here; this ship kidnapped me and After three days I can breathe again. Thank you all for your prayers and great vibes…they’ve all arrived,” the actress said.

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