Ronald Acuña Jr., the best player on a dominant major league team (+stats)

The Atlanta Braves have 12 games left in the regular season, and there’s no question that Ronald Acuña Jr. is the team’s best player so far this season.

The Venezuelan has proven to be 100% recovered from the unfortunate injury he suffered in 2021, allowing him to exploit his full attacking potential and pace.

“El Abusador’s” season was historic, making him the best player on the Atlanta Braves, the best team in all of the major leagues.

higher than others

So far, Acuña Jr.’s offensive line is at .336/.417/.586/1.003; The Venezuelan is the team leader in three of the four categories: batting average, on-base percentage and on-base percentage.

Additionally, the Venezuelan leads the Braves in other categories such as hits, doubles, runs scored and stolen bases. Acuña Jr. also has advanced statistics like wOBA or WAR, so his upside is significant.

The Venezuelan’s final push into the regular season could lead to even better numbers, and he could even become the first player in Major League Baseball history to hit 40 home runs and steal 70 bases in a season. It was the icing on the cake, crowning the Venezuelan outfielder the King of Atlanta.

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