Rosario funds HIV/AIDS, STI and hepatitis prevention and research projects

Different organizations receive financial support every year with the aim of strengthening health policies related to these diseases.

The Rosario Public Health Secretariat, through the Municipal HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Viral Hepatitis Program, has signed co-financing agreements with civil society organizations working to address HIV, sexually transmitted infections and viral hepatitis issues.

Within this framework, 8 projects receive up to 210,000 pesos per year to be able to carry out projects proposed in the Municipal HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Viral Hepatitis Plan. The City’s total co-financing contribution for this project is $1,480,000.

In terms of fund selection and allocation, the Ministry of Health establishes a project application base every year and appoints an evaluation committee to provide opinions as the principles for the final agreement. In all cases, it involves co-financing up to 70% of the total project value, with the entity contributing the remainder of its total costs.

Sources of funding: OFES, Prevention as Care, Center for Advanced Research on Drug Addiction and AIDS CEADS, UNR and Association for Harm Reduction of the Argentine Republic (ARDA), Unidos Todos, AsociaciĆ³n Civil Era Libre RADDUD/Silvia Castro Rosario Branch, Ecosystems Civic Association and Butterfly Moment Civic The association participated in two projects: “Pollination Knowledge 3” and “Space-Time Consumption”.

These projects include communication actions, education, design of special promotional pieces, workshops with communities, distribution of condoms, development of recommended testing actions to identify HIV infection, viral hepatitis B and C through rapid and routine testing , and syphilis.

The Municipal HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Viral Hepatitis Program relies on the Rosario Public Health Secretariat (formerly Promusida, renamed under Decree No. 10 218/21), which since 1998 implements a strategy of co-financing projects with civil society organizations , has had a clear impact on the collective health of the city in terms of HIV and related issues.

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