Rubbing the eyes is conducive to the deterioration of the corneal structure

Allergic conjunctivitis is a very common eye disease Canary Islands Due to the characteristics of the weather. One of the symptoms patients experience is a very intense itching sensation, which is why they usually relieve this sensation by rubbing their eyes. However, This posture may lead to deterioration of the corneal structure, which can lead to the development of keratoconus. “this allergic conjunctivitis It creates inflammation on the surface of the eye after exposure to the allergen.give some examples Pollen, Mites & Animal Hair »the doctor explainedRafael Melián, Director of Refractive Surgery and Keratoconus, Vithas Eurocanarias Instituto Oftalmológico.


These substances cause the body to release histamine.which will result in Eye inflammation, tearing, possibly with rhinitis, and redness of the eye due to dilated blood vessels. “The condition is common in children and young adults, but is more frequent when present on hot, windy days with suspended dust,” the doctor added. However, You shouldn’t rub your eyes for improvement. “The cornea is actually the window of the eye. If we rub it constantly, we weaken its structure and cause it to deform over time,” he reports.

It is this change known as keratoconus, a degenerative condition that causes image distortion, increased astigmatism, and progressive loss of vision that cannot be corrected by changing lenses.. “It is true that there is a genetic factor that increases the chance of developing the condition, but rubbing the eyes also increases the risk,” the experts noted.

so, When itching occurs, artificial tears are recommended to clean and moisturize the ocular surface. “If the problem persists, antihistamines and anti-inflammatory eye drops can be considered. However, this decision must always be made by an expert”, asserts Dr. Melián, who also warns that saline is not in any case a substitute for artificial tears. “A serum is just a substance that helps cleanse the eye, but it also dehydrates the eye. So artificial tears are the best resource in these cases,” he notes.

Cases of allergic conjunctivitis due to weather are very frequent in the archipelago

Sunglasses are also a good ally for eye protection, even more so if it is taken into account that in the archipelago it is recommended to use this resource throughout the year. «In the archipelago the sun is stronger than in most of Spain. In addition, glasses also protect us from exposure to allergens and wind.

It should be noted that The diagnosis of allergic conjunctivitis is simple.An ophthalmologist consultation is enough Assess the inflammatory response of the ocular surface And analyze the clinical history of the patients. In case of keratoconus, corneal topography is required in addition to reexaminationa non-invasive test to understand the state of the membrane.

It’s worth noting that treatment for this condition is basically to prevent its progression, so people who are already diagnosed should have frequent checkups. “Sclerosing the cornea is very important if the disease progresses. For this we have a treatment called cross-linking. The therapy includes the use of riboflavin and ultraviolet light,” details the specialists at the capital centre.

exactly If left untreated, keratoconus may result in the need for a corneal transplant. “In the Canary Islands, a non-negligible proportion of patients undergoing keratoplasty due to untreated keratoconus. To avoid this, an early ophthalmological consultation is essential”, emphasizes Dr. Rafael Melián.

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