Rumors about the future of Tom Brady’s TB12 business

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Rumors are circulating regarding the future of Tom Brady’s TB12 company and whether he is still in business with his long-time business partner and trainer Alex Guerrero.

It all started with a tweet from former NESN host Dale Arnold.

“The news I’m hearing is that Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero are no longer in business together,” Arnold posted on X on Tuesday. “TB12 appears to be closing all of its facilities and Brady may have a new business model emerging.”

TB12 is run by Brady and Guerrero, who have opened stores in cities including Boston, Foxborough, Tampa, Los Angeles and New York.

The company focuses on health and performance, promotes the TB12 method, and sells fitness products, including equipment, apparel, and food.

Guerrero did not deny the report but raised a united front picturestold The Boston Globe’s Ben Waring: “Tom and I are still in business together.”

The two sat courtside with Raiders owner Mark Davis as they watched the Aces beat the Liberty during Game 1 of the WNBA Finals in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

Tom Brady (left) and Alex Guerrero (right) in the WNBA Finals.
Brian Plaer/

However, Wolin pointed out: “There does seem to be something wrong with the TB12 business.”

Attempting to click on the store locator on the page displays “Page Not Found” with the title: “Sorry, this page does not exist.”

The same page also provides links to pages about the Center’s membership and pages designed to provide details about the services.

Landing page for the TB12 store locator.

Boston’s WEEI confirmed Arnold’s report, saying Brady and Guerrero will separate as business partners because, according to sources, “the business side of TB12 was not working for Brady nearly a year ago.”

“TB12 suffered heavy losses,” the source told WEEI.

Tom Brady celebrates the grand opening of the TB12 Performance and Recovery Center in Boston in 2019.
Getty Images for TB12
Tom Brady (left) and Alex Guerrero (center) at the opening of the TB12 Performance and Recovery Center in Boston in 2019.
Getty Images for TB12

According to the tweet, TB12 will now be rebranded as TBRx, be led by Guerrero, and will open in Franklin, Massachusetts on October 23 WEEI’s Mike Kadlick.

According to the tweet, the TB12 store at Patriot Place in Foxboro will close on October 20.

The Boston TB12 store closed in May after more than three years in operation, reported.

The TBRx website’s landing page features Brady’s recommendation and lists him as a customer.

Tom Brady on TBRx.

“Throughout my career, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of Alex’s total body recovery approach,” Brady wrote in his acceptance speech. “This has been instrumental in me maintaining peak performance levels year after year. TBRx will undoubtedly extend the benefits of this approach to many others, allowing them to thrive on and off the field.”

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